Make Money On The Road: 10 Jobs For RV Travelers

Nomadism has been a way of life since about 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. However, it plummeted in the 20th century due to the spread of civilization, industrial and economic growth, and political reasons. Meanwhile, some still favor the adventurous lifestyle and don’t like staying in one place for long. These modern nomads of recent years have traveled from place to place in search of different things. 

Nomadism has evolved from moving around in groups looking for fertile lands to today’s version, where people move from place to place to seek thrills and satisfy their traveling urges. Thankfully, there is a high demand for recreational vehicles as people are keener on being full-time RVers. 

Other Things to Know About RVs

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RVs are like homes on a wheel. These vehicles contain most things many people need to survive in a house. Also, the existence of remote jobs has made it easy for people to become RV travelers as they can work anywhere they want as long as there is internet access. For instance, you can leverage the internet by clicking the link  to get a remote assistant job.

Hence, it is time to start searching for remote work opportunities if you are an RV traveler or plan to become one. We have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to collate 10 jobs you can explore as an RV traveler. This is an excellent resource for current and future remote workers.

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10 Lucrative Jobs You Can Do As An RV Traveler

Traveling around in an RV can be expensive, and unless you have a hefty savings account, you’ll need to find ways to bring in some extra cash. However, there are many remote jobs you can lay your hands on that will fetch you money as you move. Prior to any time in history, full time RVers have more options for remote work while they explore the RV lifestyle.

For instance, some telecommunication jobs only require native English speakers, and you can earn some cash by making phone calls. However, when searching for a remote job, you must consider your skills, strength, age, and other things. While some jobs are more advanced, many lucrative positions, even if you only have a high school diploma, are available. Below are  some jobs you can do as an RV traveler:

1. Graphic Designer

The design world is fast growing and increasingly demanding for workers. Graphics designs are necessary for almost everything from education to advertising these days. However, graphics designing is quite a competitive field that requires a lot of hard work to stay ahead of the competition. But the good news is that it pays well, so the time and energy invested in it are worth it. 

Graphics is one of the top freelance and remote jobs these days. Therefore, if you plan to live in a camper’s vehicle, moving from one place to another, graphics designing is a job you should consider. Once you develop a good portfolio, it will get progressively easier to find freelance work, 

2. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are administrative assistants, albeit remote. They do work like typing, responding to emails, scheduling and taking minutes of meetings, booking flights and hotel reservations, and other jobs to make the work of an executive easier.

Unlike traditional personal assistants, virtual assistants break the location barrier as they can work from anywhere. 

3. Social Media Manager 

Social media managers help people, organizations, celebrities, and businesses manage their accounts on social media networks. Social media is a space with an extensive reach that help people generate income and capitalize on it. Proper use of social media can catapult a business from the basic to the extraordinary. Whether it is assisting with posting videos to a youtube channel or managing Facebook groups, there are growing opportunities for social media managers,

4. Web Designer

Remote web designers work on creating websites and managing them. Web designing is a job that evolves and grows without the threat of going into extinction anytime soon. Hence, if you are an RV traveler, you can gain web design skills to make money anywhere. 

5. Online Tutor

People are now taking classes and learning skills online. In fact, many educational institutes have also incorporated online classes into their ways. Online tutoring allows schools to reach students without geographical constraints. It also makes it easy for students to learn from anywhere they are, so far there is electricity and an internet connection. 

Hence, you can consider being a tutor despite not staying in a location for so long. You can create tutoring services, promote them on social media, and use platforms like Zoom to deliver lectures. You can also apply to be a tutor on established online platforms like Chegg Study, Pro Teach, etc. 

6. Software Developers

Software development is another type of work you can do remotely while traveling the world. Unlike on-site software developers, remote software developers can work from anywhere they want. They design and create computer software for their employers. They also help people maintain their software and ensure it works well. 

7. Travel Nurses

Being a travel nurse is less nomadic than other jobs we have discussed. It may require staying in a place for a while and putting down some form of roots. Therefore, if you want stability in your nomadic lifestyle, consider getting a nursing degree and becoming a travel nurse. Many nurses are traveling throughout the country and have a quite lucrative remote careers.

8. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can be done from anywhere in the world. Generally, writing can be a really flexible job that can be done so far you have your laptop, electricity, and internet access. You can apply for writing jobs on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc., to get jobs. Many websites are also looking for writers to assist with blog posts, and it’s easy to find profitable jobs for topics you already know.  If you have good writing skills, this may be a good option for you.

9. Digital Nomads

Most RV travelers are digital nomads. Digital nomads use technology and communication tools to work without having problems with remote locations. Digital nomads travel while working remotely and can change locations as often as they want. Most jobs discussed in this article can qualify as one form of digital nomadism or another. However, digital nomads focus more on efficiently combining work with travel. In addition to working for others, you can even start your own online business, catering to businesses that need your support. 

Other digital nomad jobs include:

  • Customer relations officer
  • Customer service representative
  • SEO Specialist
  • Programmer
  • Website developer, etc. 

Becoming a digital nomad isn’t so hard. It starts with identifying your strengths and skills and reinforcing them. You can then create a portfolio, network, and find a job online to earn money. There are countless opportunities in North America, so just set your mindset on becoming a working Rver and the right job will come to find out.  

10. Own Business

Being your own boss seems like something you have heard from everyone before, right? As an RV traveler, there are many businesses you can own and direct on the move. You can be a blogger or vlogger, documenting your experience for people to see. You can also be a writer, photographer, or musician. Also, you can have your own fully remote team to run a business or provide a service together. 

Setting up your Remote Office

Just like having a home office, working remotely on the road may require you to have a dedicated workspace in your RV, van, or living space. It can be a little challenging in small spaces, but with a little planning and creativity, you can transform your RV into an office during the day and a relaxing abode when you’re not working. Some tips for converting your RV into an office are:

  • Repurpose your dinette for an office table: A camp-on portable monitor stand is a great option for turning transitioning your living space to an office space easily.
  • Pack up your work life at the end of each day: physically separating work from living is important, so be intentional about removing work stuff from the living area whenever you wrap up for the day.
  • Consider an RV with a separate room that can be used for business: Many new RV floorplans offer desks, office rooms, or other dedicated working spaces. If you’re shopping for an RV and know you’ll be working from it, make this a priority. A dedicated workspace is a great way to keep your business and personal life separate.
  • Set up an outside office: Depending on where and when you’re camping, an outside office may make sense. A simply enclosed tent area or an awning room may make for a perfect remote office for your current job. 
  • Get the right tools: A good pair of noise-canceling headphones is a must. Whether you’re on a Zoom call or watching a video, separating camping noise from business activities is important. 
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With modern-day remote work options, many positions will require you to have a reliable internet connection to preserve your online presence. Luckily, this is becoming easier to achieve with a cell phone data plan, satellite internet like Starlink, or an uptick in RV parks and campgrounds offering Wi-Fi connectivity. If you truly need a work-from-anywhere internet connection, you may want to explore the Starlink RV option. This portable satellite dish allows you to travel virtually anywhere, and with a clear view of the sky, you can pull in high-speed internet like you would at home. It costs, about $150/month, but when considering that you can work from anywhere, it’s a small price to pay for the unmatched flexibility it provides.


It has been ascertained that traveling around doesn’t prevent you from working. In fact, there has been continuous advocacy for remote working, and many people are taking jobs that allow them to work from anywhere. Due to the ability to take your work alongside you, irrespective of your location, there is an increasing rise in the revival of the nomadic lifestyle with new remote positions being offered regularly.

There are many part-time and full-time jobs that can accommodate a remote lifestyle. You may need to learn some new skills, learn to manage your own schedule,  and be comfortable leaving the comfort of corporate jobs. However, the freedom you gain can make working from a national park totally worth it. 

Modern-day nomadic lifestyle doesn’t only allow people to travel the world in search of greener pastures. It also allows them to take their work with them with the option of remote working. And to make it better, nomads can now use camper vehicles as shelter. This article has highlighted the 10 best jobs you can explore as an RV traveler. However, as a remote worker, your options are endless. You may find a great job, doing exactly what your love, from the road. RV living can be challenging, but with the rise in the new concept of remote work, there are plenty of ways to do what you want, set your own work schedule, and enjoy the open road knowing you can make a living while full-time Rving.

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