RV Gift Ideas for the RV Owner -2023

One of the most difficult decisions when shopping for a camping enthusiast is deciding on a gift that that they don’t have or don’t know that they need. If you do a search on Google for RV gifts, you’ll be overwhelmed within minutes. The RV accessory market is saturated with great, good, okay, and downright terrible products.

A great starting point to finding the perfect gift is to learn what others actually use. Below is my take on some of the best gift ideas, that will be sure to surprise and brighten the spirits of even the most seasoned RV traveler.

Top RV Gift Ideas


I actually can’t wait to write a full review on this product. It is by far one of my favorite little gadgets that helps me get set up quicker and relaxing sooner. The LevelMatePro is a handy little contraption that gets mounted in an inconspicuous space inside the RV. It is really a digital level with Bluetooth capabilities. How it works is quite ingenious. It automatically turns on when it senses that you’re moving and when you’re ready to back/pull into your site, it’s ready and waiting. You simply connect to its phone app and see just how level your RV is.

You can see what side is low, how much it needs to come up, and with the assistance of products like the Anderson Camper Leveler, you can simply back up slowly onto the levels and stop as soon as you hit level. No more stopping, checking, starting, stopping, checking, starting, and on and on and on. You can find a level point within a minute or two.

Also, when disconnecting the hitch, you can set your tongue height to know exactly where it needs to be when you are ready to hook back up. I can’t speak highly enough about this product. Every camper needs to level their RV when camping, so why not make their life easier with this little piece of heaven.

RV State Sticker Travel Map

Now this one is a pretty common item, but it’s perfect for a stocking stuffer. The only thing that RV travelers love more than traveling is remembering their adventures. This handy magnet map allows travelers to track their adventures on a state-by-state basis. When they visit a new state, they simply add it to their map. It’s a great motivator for logging those outdoor miles!

Kitchen + Home Thin Bins Collapsible Containers

I don’t need any more storage, said no RV owner ever! In fact, you could probably dedicate an entire company to nothing other than RV storage solutions. RV storage is unique in the sense that it needs to be there when you want it and hidden when you don’t These collapsible storage bins are perfect for organizing cargo in the camper when on the road or at the campground. They can easily be folded up and put out of sight when not in use. There are various different products available that do this, but these work great.

GR innovations HITCHBOSS Towing Organizer

This is one of those items that you definitely don’t need to get started, but if you like to keep things organized around the camper then this is for you. This simple contraption keeps your towing hookup connections (chains, electric, safety brake) off of the ground and neatly on the camper tongue. The only negative thing that I will say about this is that I wish I thought of it first. A great, simple, and useful piece of gear!

DOCAZOO DocaPole 12 Foot High Reach Brush Kit

I’m sure there are people out there who really enjoy washing their RV. However, I haven’t met them yet. This is necessary maintenance needs that procrastinators love to procrastinate on. Washing your RV can be challenging- it’s big, tall, and intimidating. Starting with the right tools is a great way to make it simpler- or more likely to happen. These extendable poles will allow anyone to reach even the highest sections of the RV. Throw up a ladder and you can wash down the roof as well.

I was a little hesitant about putting this on here, just as you may feel about getting your spouse a vacuum cleaner as a gift. However, I think that the RV owner in your life will be thinking about you with a smiling face knowing that you made their least favorite chore much more manageable.

3 Pack Waterproof RV Hose Bag Organizer

If you own an RV, it’s time to start perfecting the plumber crack look. Dear plumbers out there- please disregard my poor attempt at humor. RV owners are constantly wrangling with water connections, fresh and wastewater hoses, and everything in between. I don’t know about you, but I make sure that my drinking water and wastewater hoses are complete strangers and do not ever come in contact with each other.

Storing your hoses can be a bit of a pain, especially when they’re long and unwieldy. This 3 piece bag is perfect for keeping them organized and isolated. The bags come with handy tags to help you quickly identify what’s in them, helping you to get set up and packed up quickly, easily, and cleanly.

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX3700 

Campground Wi-Fi will take you back to the good old days of AOL dial-up. It’s not quick, often finicky, and never seems to get a solid connection. Also, go ahead and try to connect your phone, tablet, laptop, and Roku to the same paid account. Good luck!

This handy little Wi-Fi extender makes life easier when staying connected on the road. You can simply connect this to the campground Wi-Fi, your phone hot spot, or any other internet Wi-Fi option and then share it with all of your devices. The setup is pretty straightforward. A walkthrough on the app or watching a YouTube video will get you up and running in no time. I’ll also try to write a detailed setup review in the near future so you can follow the setup process each step of the way. Comment below if that would be helpful.

Legit Camping Hammock

Camping is all about relaxing, right? What says relaxed more than taking a short siesta hanging between two trees? There are lots of similar products in this category, but the Legit Camping Hammock provides a roomy hammock, packs up neatly in a small bag, and is affordably priced. It also comes with straps for the trees. This is a great gift idea for the camper in your life. When they’re lounging beneath the fluffy white clouds next to a babbling brook, they’ll likely be dreaming about how thoughtful you were in getting them this great gift.

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