Latest Statistics and Trends for the RV Industry, RV lifestyle, and Camping (2023)

RV statistic and trends

One day I was sitting at my campsite, looking at all the Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and doing some quick math in my head, trying to figure out how much money in RVs was surrounding me. It was a lot. I know this doesn’t sound like an exciting way to spend my camping time, but the nerd part of my brain couldn’t resist. It got me thinking: How popular is RVing in the United States compared to other forms of entertainment and travel? There’s no question that the RV lifestyle is popular, but what does that look like in numbers? I … Read more

When A Recession Hits, Americans Go Camping

Image of Recession Proof Camping

When browsing the latest news headlines, it’s nearly impossible to avoid reading about a possible recession in 2023. As companies prepare for a temporary downturn in business, others look to historical data to predict how their industry will fair. While no industry can be completely recession-proof, some will make it through unscathed, while others will thrive. So the camping industry should get ready for a busy season. Overall, the Recreational Vehicle (RV) and camping industry had historically fared well during periods of downturn in the U.S. economy. The numbers don’t lie, and you don’t need to look back too far … Read more

How Much More Will You Spend in Gas this Year for Your RV (2022)?

RV next to a gas station price sign

There’s no question that the higher gas prices are putting a strain on everyone’s wallets. It’s one of the most noticeable increases in people’s monthly expenses. It’s easy to notice the higher gas prices while you stand at the pump, watching the price ticker climb as we fill the tank. Without question, it’s easy to feel the pain when you see that increased dollar amount at the pump compared to what it cost just a few months ago. For RVers, seeing this increase can be shocking at the pump, especially if you have a large fuel tank or are using … Read more

Is the RV Industry Ready for the Electric Vehicle Revolution?

Ford F150 Lightning towing an airstream travel trailer

If we look back on the history of the RV industry, we can see many instances of innovations that have shaped how we got to today. However, as we reflect on the past while looking forward to the future, it’s clear that we are sitting on the cusp of what may be the most significant change to the RV industry in our lifetime. The electric vehicle revolution is no longer a trend but a precursor to what lies ahead. According to a recent survey conducted by the account and consulting firm KPMG, auto executives believe that more than half of … Read more