Top 8 Essentials for the New Camper

RVs lined up at a campground with images of essential RV equipment

Does this sound familiar? You just purchased your new RV and go to the local RV store or search online for accessories you need to get out for your first trip, and you’re left completely overwhelmed. There are so many products, and solutions to problems that you don’t know that you have, hoses, fixtures, gizmos, and gadgets. All you wanted to do was to get away from it all for a while. You can spend days and thousands of dollars purchasing everything you need and don’t need. My recommendation: Start with the essentials, and that’s it. You’ll quickly learn what … Read more

Camper Leveling Made Easy: Anderson Camper Leveler Review

Anderson Leveling System components

One of the most time-consuming aspects of setting up your RV is getting it level. One of the most common ways to do it is using leveling blocks, but using them is time-consuming, hard to get just right, and isn’t friendly if you’re doing it yourself. Well, goodbye blocks, and hello, Anderson Camper Levelers. The Anderson Camper Leveler system is a simple, low-tech solution to fine-tuning your RV leveling. After using these for a few years, I really don’t know how I managed before them. The simplicity about them is what I love. The whole setup involves just two components: … Read more