7 Best Camper Trailers for a Family of 4 (2023 Model Guide)

family of 4 sitting by the campfire near an RV

Camping is one of the best ways to spend time as a family. It allows everyone to spend time outdoors, disconnected from devices, and enjoy the simpler parts of life. It’s also extremely easy and affordable to do so. All you need is a tent, sleeping bags, and a few campground essentials. Many small families will start with a tent and soon realize that they’re ready to upgrade to a more permanent setup and look to purchase an RV. Most people new to RVing at this stage find that the RV selection process can be a little overwhelming. Well, have … Read more

Childproofing and Petproofing RV Screen Door

Dog and young girl sitting inside the screen door of an RV

One of the most common questions RVers with pets and young children ask is what to do with the Screen Door. RV screen doors do not latch very securely, and even a small dog or a young child can pop it open if a bit of pressure is applied to the door. Camping is supposed to be relaxing, but worrying about a runaway dog or a child tumbling down the steps can turn any trip into a stressful situation. Keeping the screen door open while camping is a small little joy we get to experience on the perfect days when … Read more

RV Bunk Bed Solutions: Sheets, Safety, and Comforts

woman looking frustrated next to an RV bunk bed

Bunk bed layouts are one of the most popular types of RV floorplans. If you have a large family, they’re a must if you don’t want to set up and break down other sleeping options like a sofa bed or dinette. Also, kids love to have their own space, so a floor plan where kid have their own bunks is the best option. Benefits of RV Bunk Beds There are several benefits of bunk beds. RV’s with built-in bunks significantly increases the living area in your vehicle. Regular-sized RV beds can take up a lot of room, so the extra … Read more