Top 10 Best Cars to Sleep in when Camping (2023)

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Camping can take many forms, including sleeping in a tent, in an RV, under the open sky, or even in your vehicle. While some are more common than others, camping is camping. People have been sleeping in cars for as long as they have been driving them. Either because of convenience or necessity, camping out of a car is a viable way to spend the night. When I was younger, I slept in my car regularly during outdoor adventure trips. For example, after work on Friday, I would leave my home in Philadelphia and head north to upstate NY. Usually, … Read more

Replacing RV 921 RV Bulbs: Review ing Best Bulbs For Big Results

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Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. For RV owners, this could be upgrading their RV light bulbs. RVs may use several types of light, but most take RV 921 light bulbs. These are similar to the light you may use for some of your car turn signals, backup lights, or brake lights. However, RV lights are meant to provide bright interior light that brightens up your living area. The great thing about upgrading or replacing your 921 light bulbs is that it’s inexpensive and can significantly impact your RV. One of the most significant improvements … Read more

Best RV Dehumidifiers: Buying Guide (2023)

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One frustrating part of RV living is dealing with humidity and moisture, especially when it begins to collect inside your RV on the walls, under the mattress, or on clothes and linens stored in the closets. Reducing moisture buildup in your RV is important not only for protecting your RV but also for your health since moisture can lead to mold growth, which has a variety of negative health impacts. While moisture in your RV can be a problem in the summer, air conditioners usually help control and keep it low. However, if your RV is sitting unused in a … Read more

Best RV Leveling Tools: Levels and Blocks [2023]

RV Level Guide

Leveling your RV is one of the most important steps in getting set up for fun and relaxing camping vacation. However, it can also be one of the most frustrating steps if you’re not using the correct tools. Below, we’ll review some of the best gadgets, levelers, and tools of the trade for getting a perfectly level RV every time. The good news about RV leveling devices is that you have options ranging from low-tech bubble levels to high-tech wireless sensors. You can even install an auto-leveling system if your RV isn’t equipped with one. Leveling an RV can be … Read more

Best RV Storage Ideas for Space Saving and Organization

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One of the more challenging things about RV life is storing everything in a small space. RVs are pretty remarkable in that manufacturers find free space wherever they can, adding a little bit of storage or fitting in RV components, appliances, or storage. Unfortunately, however, some of these spaces are oddly shaped, small, and incapable of holding the things we typically store at home. This storage problem is especially true in small campers, which are built with compactness in mind. However, for years, RV owners have got creative and found ways to convert the limited space to usable space and … Read more