Best Affordable Lithium Ion Battery for Your RV

Powerurus Lithium battery

If you’ve been in the market for a deep-cycle lithium battery, you may have had a bit of sticker shock in seeing prices ranging from $700 to over $1000 for a 100 amp hour (Ah) battery. It’s a big investment, especially if you’re building out a solar setup for recreational vehicles (RV) that requires multiple batteries or upgrading your RV house battery to this newer, more reliable technology. However, can you buy a well-built, feature-rich lithium battery, equally as reliable as some of the popular brands? We’ve recently reviewed the PowerUrsus 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFiPo4) and found that … Read more

Airskirts: Is This The Best RV Skirting Solution Available?

Airskirts installed on an RV in the winter

Are you looking to insulate your RV for the winter? Why not use air? We’ll take a deep dive into a completely innovative solution for skirting your RV, using air. The Airskirt is a one-of-a-kind inflatable RV skirt that outperforms the competition. This skirting option may be the fastest, most compact, and one of the most efficient ways to keep the cold weather away from the underbelly of your RV, keeping you warm and toasty inside. It’s getting close to that dreaded time of year in the northern states when camping season slows to an end. For many campers, it … Read more

Best RV Refrigerator Fans for Keeping Your Food Cold and Fridge Running (2022)

RV refrigerator fan next to an RV refrigerator

The RV refrigerators have been around for a long time. In the 1950s, the refrigerator became a standard appliance in RVs and has stayed that way ever since. Aside from some regular upgrades in features, size, and weight, the technology behind RV refrigerators hadn’t changed too much until recently, when residential model refrigerators started entering the mobile market. Most RV refrigerators use a combination of gases and chemical reactions to evaporate and condense the air inside the refrigerator, making it cool. This process is called absorption, hence the name absorption refrigerator found in just many RVs on the road—refrigerators in your home … Read more

Best RV Awning Cleaners: A Complete Guide to Cleaning your RV Awning

dirty RV awning being cleaned by a sponge

Cleaning your RV awning is one of those tasks RV owners tend to think about while sitting outside at your campsite, looking up, and realizing it looks a little grungy. RV awnings are typically one of the first things we set up when camping, one of the last things to get put away. Also, since many of us usually pack up in the morning, sometimes the awning doesn’t have ample time to dry and can inevitably be put away while it’s still a little wet. We also don’t typically get a good look at the top of the awning, which can … Read more

Read Before Buying: The Best RV Air Compressors and Tire Inflators [2023]

Person filling a tire of an RV with a tire inflator

There are a few tools that every RVers should carry with them. Near the top of the list is an air compressor or tire inflator. Since most RVers spend a lot of time on the road and take frequent road trips, an air compressor or tire inflator is a must-have. Most moderately-sized towable recreational vehicles will have at least four tires. RVers in motorhomes may have six or more tires. Of course, this is in addition to the ones a tow vehicle. The reality is that RVers have a lot more tires to worry about than a passenger vehicle, and … Read more