How to Protect your RV Awning in Wind and Rain

Graphic of wind and rain next to an RV awning

Almost every RV comes standard with an awning. Awnings are great for keeping your campsite shady or keeping things dry in a small rain shower. Unfortunately, most RVers have to decide to retract the awning or keep it extended. This information is relevant if you have a manual awning or an electric awning. Some common questions related to this include: Can I keep my awning out when I leave the campsite? Do I need to retract my awning if it rains? Is it too windy for my RV awning? What happens if I leave my awning out during a storm? … Read more

Andersen Leveling System Review: Best RV Levelers of 2022

Picture of RV Tires sitting on Anderson RV Levelers

Did you ever leave your home without your phone, and you feel a little lost without it throughout the day? Well, I think that is exactly how I would feel if I went camping without my Andersen Camper Levelers. The Andersen Camper Leveling System is one of my “must-have” gear picks for RV travelers. Why do I love them so much? Well, they just work well and are a huge time saver. I typically set up my RV at the campsite by myself. However, leveling the RV was always a task that I loathed. Using leveling blocks, I could never … Read more