RVLock: RV Keyless Door Handle Review

We’ve all had that experience of carrying bags into the RV in the rain, fumbling with your keys, trying to get the RV unlocked. But, that’s a past problem with the RVLock, the most popular keyless entry option for RVs. Upgrading your RV door with this keyless alternative may be one of the quickest updates you can make to your RV with the most noticeable results.

The RVLock transforms your ordinary RV entry door into a keyless solution for locking and unlocking. Everyone is used to unlocking their cars with a wireless key fob. You now have that option with the RVLock.

Installing the RVLock couldn’t be easier and is a project you can undertake with just a screwdriver. You remove the old lock and replace it with the RVLock. It’s a simple as that. With models that fit most RV door configurations, you’ll likely find one that fits your RV. Most RV door handles are standard, so this is a solution that will work for most campers.

RVLock also manufactures cargo door locks, leaving you the option of having seamless access to wireless locks for your entire RV. As a plus, RVLock will key everything the same, so no more fiddling with multiple keys for multiple locks on your RV. Wouldn’t it be nice to jump into your car when leaving your RV and, with the push of a finger, lock everything up? That is now a reality with the RVLock.

Additionally, using the key fob, you can also operate the lock using the incorporated keypad or with the key. The RVLock comes with one remote fob, two keys, and all the hardware you need. The newest version, 4.0, is the industry’s most innovative and secure keyless RV handle. You can visit their website to review the fit guide to ensure that you’re getting the correct model for your RV. As mentioned above, the RVLock will fit most campers, bumper-pulls, 5th wheels, horse trailers, and cargo trailers.


  • Keyless convenience of locking and unlocking your RV
  • Keyed-alike options for multiple applications
  • Optional cargo locks for complete keyless access to your entire RV
  • Easy to install and fits most applications


  • It’s a little pricey. The current price is $239 for the entrance door handle.
  • Some people complain about the beeping when operating it. However, you can mute it.
  • You will need to change batteries. You will need to do this more frequently if you use the lock in extreme cold. If batteries die, you will need to use your key.

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