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One of the biggest challenges all campers face is the lack of space for gear and supplies. Whether camping in an RV or a tent, you are limited on what you can take with you. However, some great products make this a little less complicated. One of these items is the TakTable, a collapsable portable table that packs up in a small form and can be taken almost anywhere.

The TakTable is a game changer when it comes to camping tables. Not only is it space-friendly. It’s extremely strong, durable, safe for grilling, and expandable. Best yet, it’s designed right here in the US by a team as passionate about spending time outdoors as you are.

Keystone Outdoor Gear TakTable
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I had an opportunity to try the TakTable, and I’m happy to share my thoughts with you.

I have used a variety of collapsable tables over the years, and for one reason or another, they tend to fall short in some areas. They don’t always pack up small enough, are difficult to assemble, lack durability, or are too bulky. Thankfully, the TakTable solves all these problems and is the best camping table I have used, hitting the mark in all the right areas.

A camping table may not seem like a glamorous item in your camping gear kit, but I use it all the time. From cooking to eating or setting up a play area for my daughter, a table is one of the most used items I bring camping. However, I was never able to find one that I liked. That is until now. The TakTable is my new go-to camping table.

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What are some must-have features of a portable camping table?

Must be portable: Portability is one of the most critical features of any camping table. The table must fold down small while still maintaining a larger work surface when set up. Unfortunately, this is where many tables fall short. While they claim to be portable, their stored footprint is too big for travel or can’t fit into a tight space in an RV or car.

Easy to set up: You shouldn’t have to read a manual whenever you want to assemble a portable table. A table should only take a few minutes to assemble. If it takes more time than this, it loses functionality.

Simple: While I appreciate sound engineering, overengineered products often try to provide solutions for problems that don’t exist. This often creates unnecessary or cumbersome parts, making assembling challenging or creating situations where small parts, clips, or other items can be lost.

Strong: When using a table, you don’t want to worry about the things you place on it. I like to set up a cooking griddle on my camping table, so if it’s not durable, it becomes less of an inconvenience and more of a safety issue. A camping table must be ready to hold whatever you throw at it. If it doesn’t, it’s not worth buying. It must also be durable for outdoor use, standing up to wind, rain, or sun.

What makes the TakTable so great?

Portability (and Packability)

The TakTable is one of the best tables on the market, mainly because of its ability to pack small and be transported wherever you need it. For me, this is camping. The TakTable PackTable utilizes an ingenious storage design, where everything is contained within the table when folded. There are only two pieces to the table, the top, and the folding legs. This makes setup, breakdown, and storage as simple as possible. Best of all, there aren’t any pieces to misplace. Since the table is a storage case, you don’t need a complex storage bag with compartments for different parts.

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When folded, the TakTable measures 38” high by 6” x 6” inches wide and deep. As a result, it doesn’t require a lot of storage space when not in use. Unlike a foldable picnic table, It’s easy to keep tucked away in a closet, on a shelf, or in the trunk of your car. It’s a great option for car camping, tailgating, or even using it around the home for backyard parties. The included carrying strap also makes it an excellent choice for carrying by hand anywhere you need a work surface.

Size and Weight

The standard TakTable provides a large surface area, measuring 18″ x 38″. While it doesn’t have adjustable legs, the 29.5″ height is just right. I never found a need for an adjustable height table. The TakTable is the perfect height for standing or sitting in a camping chair. The best part of the TakTable is its weight, only 11 lbs. When you set it up, it’s remarkably large and sturdy. This is hard to find in a table with such a manageable weight.

Keystone Outdoor Gear also sells a TakTable Jr., which sits lower to the ground and is a little smaller. This coffee table-sized option is built with the same robustness as the large table but with a smaller footprint. While I haven’t seen the small table (JR.) in person, it may even be small enough to accompany me on my motorcycle camping trips (7 lbs, 18” x 29” surface at 18 ½”, closes to 6” x 6” x 29”.)

Easy to setup

Setting up the TakTable only involves three easy steps. First, you simply unfold the table, remove the legs, and press the collapsable base into the top. There are metal clips spaced accordingly for the legs to fasten into. When I set up the table for the first time, It took me about a minute without reading any instructions. It’s intuitive and easy.


There are three security pins for the table that keeps it firmly in place while stored (two in the table and one in the legs). These pins keep everything secure while it’s folded. Once they’re removed, it’s ready to set up. No need to connect poles, tighten knobs, or lock connections in place. Once it’s set up, add the custom-size table cloth which comes with the table.

The feet of the TakTable are designed for uneven ground. The diamond-shaped feet will allow the table to be set up on various surfaces, including asphalt, grass, sand, dirt, and gravel. The feet also contain small holes, which can fit the tent stakes supplied with the table. This will enable you to secure it firmly to the ground.


Packing up the TakTable is just as easy. The easiest way to disassemble the table is to flip it over, pull the leg braces out of the clips, reinsert the security pin, and fold the table top around the legs. Once it’s wrapped, insert the last two small pins to keep the unit secure, and you’re done.


The first thing you’ll notice when unboxing the TakTable is how well-built it is. It’s constructed from a heat resistance metal top and legs. In addition, it has a hardened plastic edge, which will cover later, that can connect multiple tables together or be used to install accessories. Describing it as a sturdy table is an understatement. It should last a lifetime and then some.

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All of the connection points are super strong as well. The table top hinges are brass, unlike other tables that use nylon bungee material that won’t stand up to years of use. When reviewing a product, I like to look at the weakest links for durability. Keystone Outdoor Gear must also, as they didn’t skimp in this department.

When unfolded, the roll-up top creates a perfectly flat surface, ideal for cooking, food prep, card games, or dining. It makes a great addition to a camp kitchen. The weight capacity for the table is a whopping 300 lbs, which Keystone Outdoor Gear states will significantly increase with the addition of outrigger legs, which will be available in the future. Weighing in at only 11 lbs, its weight-to-strength ratio is incredible. If you need a table for heavy items, this heavy duty table will meet your needs.


The other thing you don’t need to worry about is inclement weather. With its coated metal and glass-filled nylon parts, you don’t need to worry about rusting. The infrared reflective table top is also perfect for sunny days. The metal reflects heat, allowing it to stay cool even in direct sunlight.

The table is also built with environmentally friendly materials. While you wouldn’t ever choose to do so, the entire table is 95% recyclable.

Grilling and Cooking

The TakTable TakTabloe is also heat resistant, making it great for grilling. This is one of the best folding tables for a Blackstone griddle. The large 10″ x 28″ surface area performs at over 1,000 degrees F. The plastic is rated for 450 degrees F. It’s a great choice if you need a table that will be exposed to heat. Unlike plastic tables, this will hold up to all your campsite cooking appliances.


I recently reviewed the Blackstone 22″ griddle, which I believe is the perfect camping griddle for RVers. However, the one downside of the griddle is finding a reliable surface to place it on. I usually resorted to the wood picnic table at my campsite. However, this isn’t always a great option. The griddle took up a lot of space on the picnic table, making it inconvenient when it came time to eat. It also gets really hot and stays that way for a long time, meaning I couldn’t quickly move it when I was done cooking.

In searching for a small portable table for my Blackstone, I came across the TakTable and instantly fell in love with it. While Blackstone does sell an accessory table, it is limited to one use. The TakTable allows me to use it for cooking but offers much more versatility for all my other camping needs. It can be a cooking table one minute and a card table the next. It frees up extra space outside my RV, making camping trips much more convenient. If you’re like me and need a place for your Blackstone, the TakTable is the best option available.

The table surface is also easy to clean. Since it’s all metal, a damp cloth with a bit of soap is all you need. You don’t need to worry about food and grime getting trapped in pores or screw holes. It is easy to clean and safe for placing food directly on it.

Expandability and Versatility

I love products that serve multiple purposes or are designed to fit various needs. When it comes to versatile camping tables, the TakTable is unmatched. This utility folding table has a variety of uses, but the most unique thing about it is its ability to connect to other TakTable. If you have more than one TakTable, you can easily attach them together to create a larger one. There’s virtually no limit to how big a table you can create. You can make a large dining room-sized outdoor table large enough for the whole family (no matter how large).


TakTable is also designed to accept accessories, many of which can be printed at home for free on a 3D printer. Thanks to its unique edging, you can add a 3D-printed cup holder or edge connector. I’m excited to see some creative ways users take advantage of this system. Since this makes a great Blackstone Griddle table, adding a 3D-printed utensil or spice holder would be great. This can easily be accomplished with a little ingenuity. This is a great way to add even more functionality to the table. 

Another thing I love about the table is its moveability. Once it’s set up, you can easily pick it up and move it where you need it. It doesn’t come apart or loosen up. Instead, you can pick it up in one piece and place it where you want. This is extremely important to me since the table is something I use for various tasks. Other tables I used can’t do this, and it becomes a deterrent from using it somewhere other than where you set it up.


One thing I appreciate about the TaKTable is the pedestal design. The table’s base is in the center, meaning you have freedom of movement under the table. You don’t have to worry about accidentally kicking the legs of the table or worry about a chair not fitting underneath it. There’s plenty of space between the edge of the table and the center legs. This design allows the table to be compact when stored and makes setup a breeze.

Value: While you may spend a little more on the TakTable than a cheap alternative, it’s still affordable for a portable table. When looking at other comparable premium camping tables, this offers so much more in terms of versatility and durability. The TakTable also ships free, so there aren’t any hidden fees to expect when purchasing it. It’s designed in the USA and made in Taiwan.

How to purchase the TakTable:

The TakTable is currently sold directly from the manufacturer. The regular large TakTable costs $169. The TakTable Jr. costs $159. Shipping is included in the price.

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Keystone Outdoor Gear TakTable
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Outdoor Miles is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

Keystone Outdoor Gear also offers exceptional customer service, so if you have any issues with your table, send them a message, and you’ll hear back in no time. They’re a newer company, but based on this first product, I’m excited to see other products they come up with down the road.


The TakTable is my favorite piece of camp furniture. It provides enough space for all my camping needs, is small when packed up, and has a perfect height for all my camping needs. In addition, I love its easy setup design. It is one of the best camp tables you can buy. Keystone Outdoor Gear released this new table to solve some problems that others tables on the market failed to address. It’s the perfect size for camping, is built like a tank, and hits all the right marks regarding easy storage and portability.


The last thing I’ll mention is Keystone Outdoor Gear’s pride in its products. The material used in constructing the table is top quality, and it’s clear that a lot of time was spent designing it. It’s too common to find mass-produced gear that doesn’t achieve the intended uses. I’m a big believer in the last tool first mentality. If you spend a little more upfront, you won’t be buying the same gear a year or two from now. Tools and gear designed to last generations and provide the functionality people need are a much better investment than purchasing a cheap alternative.

If you’re looking for a foldable camping table for your next camping trip, check out the TakTable. It’s brilliantly designed and does what it advertises. It will be a table you pack with your camping gear year after year. You won’t be disappointed.

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