The Best Solutions: RV Surge Protector vs EMS (2023)

Image of RV next to a display of RV SUrge Protector

One of the first accessories you should consider picking up after purchasing an RV will protect your RV electronics and appliances from surges or other electrical problems. It’s not uncommon for campgrounds to have less than stellar electrical connections. This is especially true with the high demand they experience, especially on busy summer weekends when … Read more

How to Make Your RV Dinette Bed More Comfortable

RV dinette converted into a bed with a memory foam handprint image on the left

An RV dinette bed is a versatile feature commonly found in recreational vehicles (RVs) and campers. If your RV has a dinette seating area, there’s a good chance that it converts to a bed. RVs are often built like Swiss army knives, with different elements serving several purposes. A dinette bed typically refers to a … Read more

The Ultimate List of RV Shows in the United States: 2023

pictures of RV show

If you’re in the market for a new RV (recreational vehicle), or maybe you want to check the new RV models, features, RV accessories, and services, there is no better place to do this than at an RV Show. In this article, we’ll cover some basics of RV shows, including what they are, what to … Read more

The Perfect Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2500 lbs

Small lightweight travel trailer on scale

So you’ve decided to enter the RV lifestyle, but as you start to research, you’re a little overwhelmed by the various sizes, types, and floorplans available. Since you clicked on this article, you’re probably at the stage of figuring out what towable travel trailer options are available for your vehicle, which may have a limited … Read more

RV Sizes: What are the Roomiest and Smallest RVs

Various styles of RV and a tape measure underneat them to imply measuring the size

When it comes to deciding on an RV, size does matter. It’s important to ensure you have enough living space, something you can drive or tow, and it’s sometimes an indicator of quality, where more space allows for higher-quality components. I’ve had my fair share of experience with RVs, and while I now value the … Read more

Mid Bunk Fifth Wheels: The Perfect Solution for a Family of 4

mid bunk fifth wheel rv blog header with picture of floorplan and magnifying glass

Are you looking for an RV for your family of four? Trust me; I know how challenging it can be to find the perfect RV. There are countless models, floorplans, and RV types to choose from. So naturally, shopping for an RV, size becomes one of the most important features. So, if you had to … Read more

How to Keep Your RV Fridge Closed and Food Secure when Traveling

Food spilled out of RV refrigerator

Did you ever travel to your campsite and find your refrigerator contents on the ground? Well, hopefully not, but it has happened to me once. It’s a terrible way to start a camping trip and can easily be prevented with ingenuity. Since most RV refrigerators have a latch system, they did an okay job staying … Read more

Class B Vans: The Easiest to Own RV

Couple sitting in a class B RV

When I was looking for my first RV, one of my first questions was: What is the easiest one to own? RVs were more of a mystery to me, and while I now feel very comfortable in any style, I know that many of you reading this may have the same question. Well, Hands down, … Read more

Class A vs. Class C Motorhomes: What are the Differences?

Class C and Class A RV comparision image

As someone who loves to travel and explore, I know it can be hard to decide on the right RV. If you click on this link, you’re probably trying to learn more about traveling in a motorhome. However, their big size, and complicated setups, can be pretty confusing. Have no fear. We will walk you … Read more

Can a Family Live in an RV Full-Time?

Family traveling in an RV with girld holding pet dog

If you are wondering if you can live in an RV with a family, you don’t need to look much further than your local campground. Many families are doing just that, and over the past several years, the number has been steadily increasing. As an avid RV enthusiast and a parent myself, I have met … Read more