RV Shoe Storage: The Holy Grail of RV Living

woman standing next to a pile of shoes

RVs are equipped with many marvels of modern engineering, allowing you to travel with all the conveniences of home. You can cook gourmet meals, take a hot shower, or work remotely from virtually any place on the planet. However, there is one challenge of RV living that has evaded even the most seasoned campers; where do you put your shoes? If you’re RVing without a “shoe plan,” you know this problem very well. I’m pretty sure my daughter has some wizardry power that allows her to melt right out of her shoes as she walks in the front door, leaving … Read more

5 Great Ideas for Using your RV in the Winter

Fifth wheel RV in the winter

For many people living in the northern zones of the county, the short and cold days of winter often signify that your camping season has wrapped up for the year. You have antifreeze in the lines, your cabinets are bare and cleaned, and the battery is stored in your heated garage. Now, the only thing left to do is wait until next season until you can get back out on the road…or is it? For those of you with your RV stored at home (not in an offsite storage location), winter doesn’t mean that you can’t get some additional value … Read more