Answers to Common Questions from RV Newbies

Man and woman looking perplexed outside of an RV

As an RV newbie, you’ll encounter some challenges along the way. Sometimes things may not work as intended or stop working altogether. You may experience some strange odors and sounds and won’t be sure what to do. The RV learning curve is something we all go through, and with time and a little bit of … Read more

The Complete Guide for Hanging Anything on Your RV Wall

picture of products used to hang things on an RV wall

One of the most asked questions by folks decorating or organizing their RV is how to hang things on the RV wall. If you just purchased a new RV, you may be having a hard time putting a permanent hole in your fresh new wall. Additionally, you may be worried about damage to the wall … Read more

A Bunkhouse RV that you can Tow with an SUV: Jayco SLX 7

SUV towing a lightweight RV

For many families, purchasing a camper seems like a fun idea, but as soon as you start doing some research, you quickly become overwhelmed with the various sizes, weights, tow vehicle needs, etc. You start on this journey excited, thinking that you could simply use your SUV or minivan to tow a camper, only to … Read more

Getting Gas when Towing Your RV (and Finding a RV Friendly Gas Station)

MPG symbol with RV images inside the letters

One of the least thought-about but more stressful parts of traveling with your towable RV is stopping for fuel. Your best bet is to find an RV-friendly gas station. Pulling into a gas station unhitched is second nature to most of us. You follow the simple rule: Need gas; find a gas station; get gas. … Read more