The Complete Beginners Guide to RV Camping

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So, you just got a recreational vehicle (RV) or are thinking of buying one? First, let me start by saying congratulations. RVing is a great way to spend your free time and will lead to memories that will last a lifetime. My only regret with RVing is that I didn’t start my journey sooner. The whole process can seem a little overwhelming for new RVers, but with the correct information, it’s a quick learning curve, and you’ll be on the road before you know it. This article will walk you through the basics and identify some key things to consider … Read more

Camping vs. Backpacking: Choose Your Own Adventure

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What is the difference between camping and backpacking? While they’re both similar in some ways, there are quite a few differences that you may want to know. In short, camping and backpacking are both forms of outdoor recreation that involve sleeping in a natural setting, usually in a tent or under the stars. Camping is a term we’re all familiar with, but it can involve various forms, including tent camping, RV camping, or even sleeping in your car. Backpacking, however, is a little more complicated as it involves hiking with all your camping gear to your campsite. However, both are … Read more

Answers to Common Questions from RV Newbies

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As an RV newbie, you’ll encounter some challenges along the way. Sometimes things may not work as intended or stop working altogether. You may experience some strange odors and sounds and won’t be sure what to do. The RV learning curve is something we all go through, and with time and a little bit of experience, you’ll be able to solve most problems quickly. To help you get started, we compiled some frequently asked questions from campers new to the RV lifestyle. While this won’t cover everything you’ll encounter as a new RV owner, it will hopefully prepare you for … Read more

How Tall is an Average RV? (A Guide to Measuring Your RV and Avoiding Low Clearances)

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If you have a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or looking to purchase one, you may have wondered how tall an RV is. If you’re an RV owner, this is an important number you will want to know. Likewise, it may also be a specification you need to consider when shopping for an RV. RVs come in all different sizes, which include the RV’s height. Knowing the size of your RV, including height, weight, overall length, and width, will help you plan your trips and when on the road. There are several reasons RV owners want to know the height of their … Read more

The Complete Guide for Hanging Anything on Your RV Wall

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One of the most asked questions by folks decorating or organizing their RV is how to hang things on the RV wall. If you just purchased a new RV, you may be having a hard time putting a permanent hole in your fresh new wall. Additionally, you may be worried about damage to the wall and whether or not it can hold what you want to hang. If you want to find out how to hang things in your RV, you found the right article. RV walls a vastly different from the walls in your home. Therefore, hanging things will … Read more