The Complete Guide To Winter RV Living

Image of DIY heated water hose guide

Living in an RV during the winter can be challenging, but it is very doable. If you find yourself living in an RV by necessity or simply because you enjoy winter camping, there are certain things you can do to make it easier. You not only need to stay warm and comfortable, but you also need to protect your RV from the cold weather. Over the year, we at Outdoor Miles have compiled a list of great articles to help you enjoy living in your RV during the cold winter months. Each article provides detailed tips for prepping your RV … Read more

Choosing the Best RV Propane Regulator- Top 4 options for 2023

two RV propane tanks overlayed on a RV range burner

RV propane regulators are usually pretty reliable and can last over a decade without problems. However, if they do break, they can prevent propane (LP gas) from reaching your RV appliance that requires a propane gas supply. RV propane regulators are a necessary device designed to take a high-pressure propane supply from the propane tank and lower it to a level needed by RV appliances. Single-stage vs. two-stage RV propane regulators The critical thing to look at in a propane regulator is its water column pressure rating (WC). Propane appliances have a specific WC rating to ensure that they receive … Read more

5 Best RV Shower Heads: 2022

water droplets coming from RV showerhead

One of the most noticeable differences of RV living from a stick and brick home is the bathroom, Even the biggest RV bathrooms are smaller than what you would typically find in a home. However, replacing your shower head is one of the best upgrades you can make to get a little bit of comfort back. RV shower heads that come standard in RVs are typically pretty basic and not the most luxurious. They’re typically selected for their value by the manufacturer rather than performance. So if you don’t particularly care for your shower head in your RV, don’t worry. … Read more

Can you Heat your RV Underbelly with Electric Heat?

image of an RV underbelly

If you are RVing in the winter in below-freezing temperatures, you’re likely aware of the need to keep your RV underbelly warm to prevent water pipes and tanks from freezing. Most enclosed RV underbellies will offer some heating options, but only when the RV furnace runs. This method works well enough to keep everything above freezing for the most part. However, as you know, propane can be expensive, and filling up your tanks several times a week can be a pain. What if there was a way to heat your RV underbelly with electric heat? Well, if you’re willing to … Read more

RV Furnace Won’t Ignite: How to Fix Yourself

image of mechanic next to an RV furnace

Does this sound familiar? You turn your RV furnace on, you hear the blower run, but it doesn’t light, and the blower turns off. This is one of the most common RV furnace problems people experience when it comes to the RV furnace not working. Does this mean that you need a new furnace? No, in most instances, this is something that you can troubleshoot and fix yourself. The following tips are only if your RV furnace blows cold air, fails to light, and turns off after running for a short period.  The shortlist of RV Furnace Troubleshooting Steps: How … Read more