RV Awning Types: Everything You Need To Know

RV awning type graphic

Most Recreational Vehicles (RVs) will have many common elements, one of them being the awning. Rarely will you find an RV without an awning, and that’s for a good reason. An awning extends the RV living space, opening up the outside of the RV for enjoyment, free from the sun and light rain. If fact, it’s one of my favorite features in my RV since I typically like to spend a lot of time outside when camping. No matter the type of awning you have on your RV, it makes your RV feel much bigger by adding to the functionality … Read more

Are 6 Volt RV Batteries Better than 12 Volt?

Image depecting a 12v battery vs a 6v battery

When you purchase a new RV, it will almost always come with a standard 12-volt deep-cycle RV battery. Most RVs that operate from a single battery will use this setup. However, many RVers who choose to upgrade their battery will come across people recommending a 6-volt setup. If 12 volts is more than 6 volts, why would you want to scale down? Well, there are many good reasons why you may want to consider this. Almost all RV components operating on DC (direct current) power will require 12-volts. Since this has long been the standard in the RV industry, and … Read more

Best Camping Options in Crested Butte, Colorado

Image of Crested Butte Colorado campground guide

If there is one place in the United States where I feel most connected to nature, it would be Colorado. In my younger years, I spent my summers working and traveling throughout the state, enjoying everything it offers, which is a lot. However, if I had to select my favorite place to visit in Colorado, Crested Butte would be at the top of the list. It’s a fantastic all-around destination for outdoor recreation and camping. Camping in Crested Butte Colorado, is a magical experience, with a wide array of options to establish a home base for exploring the area. There … Read more

10 Best Campgrounds in Big Spring, Texas

Big Springs Texas Campground Guide

Located in Howard County, Big Spring, TX, is a great place for booking a camping trip. It’s known for its easy access from all directions as its situation at the intersection of Interstate 20, U.S. Highway 87, Texas State Highway 350, and Texas State Highway 176. Big Spring got its name from the nearby “big spring” in Sulphur Draw, a watering hole for animals migrating through the area. Today, it serves a similar role, providing RVers with many camping options as they make their way through the big state of Texas. Camping options in Big Spring are plenty, and the … Read more

Replacing RV 921 RV Bulbs: Review ing Best Bulbs For Big Results

Image of LED light shining on RV

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. For RV owners, this could be upgrading their RV light bulbs. RVs may use several types of light, but most take RV 921 light bulbs. These are similar to the light you may use for some of your car turn signals, backup lights, or brake lights. However, RV lights are meant to provide bright interior light that brightens up your living area. The great thing about upgrading or replacing your 921 light bulbs is that it’s inexpensive and can significantly impact your RV. One of the most significant improvements … Read more