Furrion RV Oven Troubleshooting Guide

Furrion RV oven

One of the most common manufacturers of RV cooktop ovens is Furrion. They’re small, look great, and have many options depending on your model. However, unfortunately, many RV owners run into issues with them not working as intended, cooking unevenly, or simply having difficulty operating them. Have no fear, as we’ll walk through some of the common Furrion gas oven problems and provide you with steps to solve them. If you want to jump ahead to your specific problem, click on the links below. About RV Ovens If you’ve ever cooked anything in an RV oven, you know it’s slightly … Read more

Replacing RV 921 RV Bulbs: Review ing Best Bulbs For Big Results

Image of LED light shining on RV

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. For RV owners, this could be upgrading their RV light bulbs. RVs may use several types of light, but most take RV 921 light bulbs. These are similar to the light you may use for some of your car turn signals, backup lights, or brake lights. However, RV lights are meant to provide bright interior light that brightens up your living area. The great thing about upgrading or replacing your 921 light bulbs is that it’s inexpensive and can significantly impact your RV. One of the most significant improvements … Read more

The Complete Guide To Winter RV Living

Image of DIY heated water hose guide

Living in an RV during the winter can be challenging, but it is very doable. If you find yourself living in an RV by necessity or simply because you enjoy winter camping, there are certain things you can do to make it easier. You not only need to stay warm and comfortable, but you also need to protect your RV from the cold weather. Over the year, we at Outdoor Miles have compiled a list of great articles to help you enjoy living in your RV during the cold winter months. Each article provides detailed tips for prepping your RV … Read more

How to Get Rid of Any Smell and Odor in Your RV

woman holding her nose next to a smelly RV

In a previous article, I provided some steps for identifying the source of different odors in your RV. If you’re unsure what the smell is in your RV, start there since some of these smells can point to a problem that needs fixing. However, when you have a bad smell that you can’t get rid of, I’ve compiled a list of the best ways to remove odors from your RV. When camping, you should enjoy your time in nature, not being forced to sit outside because it’s just too stinky in your RV. Before we discuss removing smells, let’s take … Read more

The Complete Guide for Hanging Anything on Your RV Wall

picture of products used to hang things on an RV wall

One of the most asked questions by folks decorating or organizing their RV is how to hang things on the RV wall. If you just purchased a new RV, you may be having a hard time putting a permanent hole in your fresh new wall. Additionally, you may be worried about damage to the wall and whether or not it can hold what you want to hang. If you want to find out how to hang things in your RV, you found the right article. RV walls a vastly different from the walls in your home. Therefore, hanging things will … Read more