RV and Camping Money Saving Tips: How to Stretch your Budget and Camp More

RV parked near the ocean with a money saving graphic next to it

If you’re reading this article, you likely already know how fun camping can be. It’s a wonderful family activity and a great alternative to traditional travel. However, budgeting for leisure activities and vacations is getting more difficult in today’s economic climate. Camping can be a much more affordable alternative to traditional travel, but it doesn’t … Read more

How Much More Will You Spend in Gas this Year for Your RV (2022)?

RV next to a gas station price sign

There’s no question that the higher gas prices are putting a strain on everyone’s wallets. It’s one of the most noticeable increases in people’s monthly expenses. It’s easy to notice the higher gas prices while you stand at the pump, watching the price ticker climb as we fill the tank. Without question, it’s easy to … Read more

10 Simple Steps to Lower Your RV Propane Use

picture of an RV tank and money bag

Heating your RV in the winter can be expensive, but there are steps you can take to make it more affordable. Most RVs will utilize a propane furnace for heating. A typical 30 lb propane tank size will contain seven gallons of propane. Most RVs will have two tanks, providing you, on average 14 gallons … Read more

Finally: A Rewards Credit Card for the RV and Camping Community

Wander Credit Card

If you’ve been earning rewards on your credit card and been frustrated with the lack of options for your RV and camping lifestyle, you now have a new option. The Credit One Bank Wander Card is a new rewards credit card built for people who travel to their own beat. Designed with the RV and … Read more

Top 3 Gas Savings Strategies for the RV Owner

image of man filling gas tank of RV

While you can’t avoid high gas prices when RVing there are several things you can do to save some of your hard-earned money. You don’t need to go to elaborate steps to do this. In this article, we’ll discuss three easy strategies that you can implement to lower your fuel expenses when camping. Here they … Read more

Credit Card Points: Travel Hacking Your Camping Trip

Man holding a credit card next to an RV

You may have heard of travel hacking, but have you heard of camping hacking? Well, probably not, since I very well may have just invented that term. However, taking advantage of credit card points and bonuses for camping is a great way to capture value from your camping excursions and save on your camping expenses. … Read more