DIY Heated RV Water Hose: Step-By-Step Guide

Camping in the winter can be a lot of fun. However, some challenges must be overcome, especially if the temperature drops below freezing. The main concern is preventing water from freezing in your RV plumbing lines and the water supply hose feeding your RV. While it may seem challenging, with some ingenuity, RV owners can create a DIY solution to keep their RV’s water flowing in even the coldest temperatures. In this article, we’ll review the necessary steps to create a DIY heated water hose at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a prebuilt one. All you need is … Read more

How to Get Rid of Any Smell and Odor in Your RV

woman holding her nose next to a smelly RV

In a previous article, I provided some steps for identifying the source of different odors in your RV. If you’re unsure what the smell is in your RV, start there since some of these smells can point to a problem that needs fixing. However, when you have a bad smell that you can’t get rid of, I’ve compiled a list of the best ways to remove odors from your RV. When camping, you should enjoy your time in nature, not being forced to sit outside because it’s just too stinky in your RV. Before we discuss removing smells, let’s take … Read more

How to Dump RV Tanks At Home: All of the Best Options

Person holding an RV waste hose next to a home

Emptying a black water tank is one of the least fun parts of RV camping. When camping at full-hookup campgrounds, you have multiple options for emptying it at your campsite, at a dump station, or even with a honeywagon service. However, what do you do when you have a full tank and need to dump it elsewhere. Can you empty a black tank at home? The short answer is yes. So how do you do it? Let’s find out. Commercial Dump Stations Before we discuss a permanent solution for installing a dumping station at your home, an easier solution is … Read more

RV Water Heater Troubleshooting: A Complete Guide

mechanic next to an RV water heater

The RV Water Heater RV water heaters are generally reliable and can usually be repaired instead of replaced. There are two main styles of water heaters found in RVs. First, most RVs will come with a tank system, typically providing 6 gallons of hot water storage. However, some have an increased capacity, usually in larger RVs. The other style is a tankless water heater, which doesn’t store hot water but supplies it on-demand. While these are less common, they’re becoming more standard in newer RVs. Additionally, many RVers choose to upgrade their water heater to a tankless system. Water heaters use … Read more

What’s That Smell in my RV? [How to find and eliminate RV Odors]

Mad holding his nose from the smell coming from an RV

Does your RV smell? RVs are unique in that they combine a variety of compact pieces of equipment, technologies, and systems to make a living on the road possible. Some of these are slightly different from what we use in our homes. They also can produce a unique odor that we’re not used to smelling. This is especially true when living in such a small space, a common problem of RV life. Your nose is an excellent indicator of a problem, and if you smell something off or a foul odor, it can help pinpoint the cause of the issue. … Read more