Top 5 Dog Accessories for the RV Owner

Traveling with pets is great fun for the entire family, but it can be stressful. Leaving behind the comforts of home can present unique challenges or concerns for the pet owner. However, there are fantastic products available for the RVer that can make life on the road with your pooch comfortable, safe, and stress-free. Check out some of the top products that fit this bill. They also make great holiday gifts for the traveler, or four-legged co-pilot, in your life.

Spill/Splash Proof Bowl

Keeping an RV clean can be a regular job, especially when sharing it with your pets. I know that one of my biggest pet peeves (no pun intended) is cleaning up water off the floor every time my pup takes a drink. 

This spill and splash-proof bowl is perfect for an RV and helps keep water off the floor. We all know that water and RVs don’t get along too well. This well-reviewed dog bowl has an anti-slip base, a floating disk, and a splash-free rim, which work in unison to keep the water in the bowl, even from the most aggressive drinker. 

The bowl disassembles easily for cleaning. As an added benefit, this bowl works great when traveling as well. No more stopping to give you’re pup a drink. You can keep it in your town vehicle or motorhome and not worry about those bumpy roads. This bowl is an excellent addition to any RV dog’s luggage.

SUREswivel 360 degree swiveling pet tie-out

The SUREswivel pet tie-out is, by far, is one of the best accessories that you can have for your furry friend while camping. The SureSwivel is an innovative tie-out anchor that connects to any size lead that you have. In addition, it has a rotating anchor point, preventing your dog(s) from getting tangled up. 

If you have multiple dogs, you know the dreaded double-dog tangle scenario. For way too long, we would attach the lead to the RV steps. The dogs would roam around in the front of the camper, and within minutes, I would be out there untangling them. It was the most frustrating thing for every camping trip. 

WIth the SUREswivel, that problem disappears. It’s almost like magic, but the way that the ball rotates, the dogs almost seem like they’re off-leash. They’re happily walking around, crossing paths, and not getting tangled up. The unit is also exceptionally well built. It’s not some cheap plastic that will break or wear out after a few months. I expect this to last season after season.

I was a little worried that our two large dogs would team up and pull this out of the ground. This tie-out secures with six anchor stakes by hammering them into the ground. There is no way that our dogs would ever be able to uproot this. It takes a little more time to install because of the number of stakes, but it gives you the peace of mind that it’s secure. If you’re looking for a better tie-out solution for your dogs, look no further. This one is the BEST, hands down.

Wireless temperature sensor

Heading out on a pet-free excursion when caping can be stressful, especially in those hot summer months. While we rarely think about power outages at the campground, you know that they can happen. In addition, leaving a pet inside can be dangerous when away from the RV, especially if you’re gone for an extended period.

With the Govee wireless temperature sensor, you can monitor the RV temperature in real-time and receive alerts if there is a spike. In addition, if the electricity goes out or there is a malfunction with the AC, you will be able to respond to it, regardless of where you’re at at the moment.  

The Govee remote monitoring kit comes with three sensors. You can also purchase a single sensor if you do not need the others. I like the three-sensor kit as it’s useful for other applications as well. For instance, in the winter, you can leave one sensor in the main room of the RV, place another in the plumbing area, and even put one in the storage compartments. In addition, you can monitor temperatures to keep an eye on freezing temperatures and ensure that your pipes don’t freeze.

The sensor connects with a wireless hub that plugs right into a 100V outlet. You connect it to your rig’s Wi-fi and monitor it through an app. The setup is super easy and fast. The sensors are very accurate as well. 

This product is an excellent idea for the RV and even more critical when keeping your pet happy and healthy. RV temperatures can get very hot if not constantly cooled. This small gadget provides you with peace of mind, which will allow you to enjoy your camping experience even more.

Life Key Fetch Pet Tag

Traveling via RV is fun and exciting. We get to visit new places and experience new adventures. However, while most dogs love the lifestyle, it can be stressful for us as owners. Many of us share a common concern about not knowing what to do if our beloved furry friend runs away. Thankfully, the innovative folks at Life Key have a solution for this. 

Life Key’s Fetch dog tags use NFT technology to turn the traditional dog tag into a smart pet ID. The owner will upload their contact information, pet’s health data, and a photo via their smartphone. Once complete, it’s ready to use. It will even send a notification when scanned. This technology is similar to what you use when using your phone to pay for something at checkout. It relies on Life Key describes it as a microchip that anyone with a smartphone can access.

Fetch is safe, quiet and provides new peace of mind to the owner. You don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or having it malfunction. Also, if your pet is lost and someone finds them, all the good samaritan needs to do is follow the directions printed on the tag and place the phone near it. There is no need for someone to download an app or follow a complicated set of instructions.

Pet Travel Bed

As an RV owner, I know that space is a valuable commodity. Everything we bring with us needs a home. Clutter is not an option. If traveling with your dog, providing them the comforts of home is usually something we try to accommodate. Doing this can often be challenging because of space. One of the bulkiest items is typically the pet bed. Thankfully, there are solutions to this problem.

This simple pet bed easily rolls up and packs away in a travel bag. It’s ready when you need it but out of the way when you don’t. It comes in different colors and sizes. The large is big enough for most dogs, but if your fido is a lounger, you may want to opt for the x-large. 

The bed material is breathable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Best of all, it’s machine washable, helping you keep the dog small out of the RV. People who bought this bed love it. My pooches are no different.   

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