Finally: A Rewards Credit Card for the RV and Camping Community

If you’ve been earning rewards on your credit card and been frustrated with the lack of options for your RV and camping lifestyle, you now have a new option. The Credit One Bank Wander Card is a new rewards credit card built for people who travel to their own beat. Designed with the RV and camping community in mind, this card offers some enticing benefits that may pique your interest.

The first benefit of the Wander Card that jumped right out to me was the new member crest for the National Park Pass. If you’ve been touring the country in your RV or have taken a long road trip, you’re probably aware of the National Park Pass. It’s a fantastic program that grants you access to all National Parks, Historic Sites, and National Monuments. At $80, it’s a steal. However, with this card, you will get reimbursed for this pass by purchasing it with this card. No other card out there offers this.

The reward point benefits of the Wander Card are excellent for campers. You’ll earn 5x points for every dollar spent on eligible recreational and amusement park purchases. This benefit includes purchases made at national parks and sporting events. Also enticing are the points earned for lodging, which does include campgrounds. Cardholders will receive 3x points for every dollar spent on all of your campground reservations. You’ll also receive 3x points for restaurant purchases. All other purchases will receive 1x points for every dollar spent.

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I have also read that special discounts are available for Thousand Trails Membership purchases. I have tried hard to find out what these discounts are, but I haven’t tracked down this information yet. I read that cardholders will get up to 10% More Cash Back Rewards from participating merchants. If Thousand Trails falls under this program, this may be a very enticing reason to get this card. As soon as I learn more, I’ll update this page.

While this may not be the best all-around rewards card, it’s a contender for your wallet if you’re a frequent camper. Depending on the benefit for Thousand Trails members, the Wander Card may be a valuable card to own. Just be aware, the card does have a $95 annual fee, so factor that cost into any rewards that you expect to earn from it. 

One of the most significant benefits of the Wander Card may actually be its ability to stir up some competition in the credit card rewards market. It would be great to see Chase develop a competitive card or extend some of the benefits offered here into their Ultimate Rewards Program. 

If you’re new to credit card rewards and points, you may want to read our detailed article on how it works here.

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