15 Funny and Unique RVs

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration when choosing your next RV. Here are some of the most unique RVs that have been built. I can only imagine pulling into a campground and seeing some of these RVs in the site next to me. I look forward to the opportunity when I get that chance.

1. The extra roomy RV

Sometimes you just need a little extra room when camping. If in doubt, a double-decker with a front lobby is always a good idea.

2. The seafearer RV

We all know that the highways can get congested during the busy travel holiday weekends. Why not skip the roads all together and travel via nautical miles instead.

3. The pie in the sky RV

Some camper will do anything to get cell phone reception. Why use a long pole when you can just raise the whole RV.

4. The extra window RV

Natural light is always a good thing in the RV. A few extra windows can make all the difference.

5. The infamous gas-free RV

Well, fuel prices are definitely rising, but it doesn’t need to put a black cloud over your camping trips. I wonder if this has a queen or king bed?

6. The log cabin RV

Nothing says getting away from it all like a trip to the log cabin in the woods.

7. Or this one.

You can even hang out on the back porch.

8. The motorcycle RV

Some boys just can’t give up their chopped. Look out Hell’s Angles…there’s a new club in town.

9. The lowrider RV

RV steps can be a pain sometimes, especially when they don’t site level. Why not just do away with them altogether.

10. The toad-free RV

Why tow a travel vehicle when you can just carry it on the RV.

11. The ultimate camper van

Camper vans are all the rage these days. I didn’t know they come in two-story models.

12. The V2 VW Bus

What do you do when you like traveling in a VW, but you need some extra room? Just make it a little bit longer.

13. The…Well, I don’t even know how to describe this RV

This one is sure to turn some heads at the local KOA.

14. The O’Captain my Captain RV

Sometimes you just want to pretend like you’re manning the captain’s chair in a boat.

15. The 26 person sleeper RV

Do you have a big family and can’t find an RV with enough beds? Maybe, just maybe, your problem has been solved.

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