The Best Affordable RV Pet Temperature Monitor- Govee HS179

Woman holding her small dog next to a Govee wireless thermometer 

Camping with pets can be a lot of fun. However, keeping your pet safe in the RV is something that many RV owners worry about. RVs can heat up quickly when camping in the summer if the air conditioner stops working or during power outages. While this isn’t too much of a concern if you’re … Read more

Childproofing and Petproofing RV Screen Door

Dog and young girl sitting inside the screen door of an RV

One of the most common questions RVers with pets and young children ask is what to do with the Screen Door. RV screen doors do not latch very securely, and even a small dog or a young child can pop it open if a bit of pressure is applied to the door. Camping is supposed … Read more

Top 5 Dog Accessories for the RV Owner

Man and Woman sitting in their RV with their dog

Traveling with pets is great fun for the entire family, but it can be stressful. Leaving behind the comforts of home can present unique challenges or concerns for the pet owner. However, there are fantastic products available for the RVer that can make life on the road with your pooch comfortable, safe, and stress-free. Check … Read more