Can I Plug My RV into a regular 110 Household Outlet?

Travel Trailer plugged into household outlet

One common question among RV owners is about the compatibility of their RV’s electrical system with standard household outlets. Specifically, many RVers want to know if they can plug their 30-amp or 50-amp RV into a regular household outlet. The good news is that you can safely plug your RV into a 110-volt outlet. However, … Read more

Can an RV Converter Work With the Battery Removed?

RV battery connection without a battery and shore power post connected.

If you’re wondering if your RV converter will work without an RV battery connected and when connected to an external power source, the short answer is yes. However, there are some safety considerations you must be aware of when operating your RV like this. For various reasons, you may need to operate your RV without … Read more

The Best RV Battery Disconnect Switch Options (2024)

12-V battery graphic with disconnect switch installed

If you recently purchased a new recreational vehicle (RV), there’s a good chance it came with a battery disconnect switch installed. However, if not, you can easily add one and benefit from the added protection and security they offer. RVs come with their set of unique challenges, one of which revolves around its battery. An … Read more

How to Troubleshoot an RV Battery that Isn’t Charging

Image of RV at night with lights on

For a recreational vehicle (RV) owner, having access to power, whether on or off the grid, is very useful. One of the critical components of an RV’s electrical system is the battery or battery bank. RV batteries are essential in powering appliances like water pumps, lights, propane refrigerators and water heaters, and other items. An … Read more

The Best Solutions: RV Surge Protector vs EMS (2024)

Image of RV next to a display of RV SUrge Protector

One of the first accessories you should consider picking up after purchasing an RV will protect your RV electronics and appliances from surges or other electrical problems. It’s not uncommon for campgrounds to have less than stellar electrical connections. This is especially true with the high demand they experience, especially on busy summer weekends when … Read more

Are 6 Volt RV Batteries Better than 12 Volt?

Image depecting a 12v battery vs a 6v battery

When you purchase a new RV, it will almost always come with a standard 12-volt deep-cycle RV battery. Most RVs that operate from a single battery will use this setup. However, many RVers who choose to upgrade their battery will come across people recommending a 6-volt setup. If 12 volts is more than 6 volts, … Read more

Best Affordable Lithium Ion Battery for Your RV

Powerurus Lithium battery

If you’ve been in the market for a deep-cycle lithium battery, you may have had a bit of sticker shock in seeing prices ranging from $700 to over $1000 for a 100 amp hour (Ah) battery. It’s a big investment, especially if you’re building out a solar setup for recreational vehicles (RV) that requires multiple … Read more

The Best 50-Amp RV Generator Buying Guide (2022 Models)

50 amp generator sitting outside an RV

Choosing the best portable generator for your RV may seem overwhelming, but when you break the process down by focusing on the most important decisions, you can find the right one for your needs. Before we jump into the article, choosing the right generator is less about the size of your RV’s electrical system and … Read more