RV Cabinet and Drawer Latches: Best Options 2024

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While RV cabinet and drawer latches may not seem like a really exciting topic, it’s something that most RV owners appreciate. Unlike at home, ensuring that your RV cabinet doors are properly secured while traveling is of utmost importance for RVers. First and foremost, it is a matter of safety. The movement and vibrations experienced while on the road can cause cabinet doors to unexpectedly swing open. This can lead to objects spilling out and potentially causing damage or even injuring passengers if traveling in a motorhome. Secondly, secure cabinet doors at a must if you travel with items stored in your cabinets and you don’t want a mess to clean up when you get to the campsite. 

However, not all cabinet door latches are created equal. In an RV, the door needs to stay closed when traveling down the open road, over bumps, around turns, and throughout the constant vibration from the road. A regular latch that you would use at home may not be enough for RV use. The most important thing to consider when replacing your RV latches is to ensure they will keep your doors closed. The same is true for RV drawers. The best RV drawer lates will keep your drawers from sliding out but not overwhelm you when it comes time to open them while camping.

A good RV cabinet door latch should also have a simple design. Aside from being able to open and close effortlessly, an important factor should also be the ease of installation. A simple latch should be able to hold the cabinet door closed while traveling, allow you easy access when camping, and be easy to install. The best solution is to find latches that mimic your current latch layout. While they don’t need to be a direct replacement, ones that are similar in shape and size will be a great choice when factoring in installation.

Here’s our top list of choices, but if you want more details, keep reading to learn more about them.

When should you replace your RV cabinet and drawer latches?

There are two situations when you may choose to replace your cabinet and drawer latches. First, if your existing latches aren’t working well, and you regularly have items falling out while traveling, it may be time to replace them. Secondly, if you don’t like the operation of your current latches, you may want to try different ones. I suggest changing one or two latches to ensure you like the design before you retrofit the entire RV. While cabinet latches will last a long time, they do wear out. Rather than trying to fix them, it’s usually easier and more affordable to simply replace them. One of the best parts of installing new latches is that it’s one of the easiest and most inexpensive RV mods you can do yourself. 

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Should you install latches or cabinet locks?

For most RVers, latches are adequate, and they should hold the doors and drawers closed. However, if you have a lot of heavier items in your cabinets that may push against the door when traveling, you can also install a lock. While there are many different locks available, I find that the ones used for baby-proofing work well and are inexpensive. I have a lock installed on a few kitchen cabinets for extra security, but for others, I simply reply on the latch to keep the door closed.

Luckily, finding the best cabinet latches for RV use isn’t challenging. Below, we have some great options for you. They can also be picked up at a relatively affordable price, so if you are unhappy with your current latches, replacing all of them won’t be too expensive. 

What type of material is best for a cabinet lock?

When searching for cabinet latches or locks, you’ll see two main types of materials available, including metal and plastic. Both can work well, but metal will definitely be more durable. However, the plastic latches listed below are made of strong plastic and will withstand many years of use. They’re also less expensive, so buying a pack of them is a good deal if you plan to replace all of them on your cabinets. 

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How do you measure for replacing cabinet latches?

To measure for replacing a cabinet latch, you’ll need to take some measurements of both the new and old latches and the cabinet frame. Here are some simple steps to get you started:

  1. Determine the type of latch: Cabinet latches come in various types, such as magnetic catches, roller catches, or spring-loaded catches. Identify the type of latch you have or want to replace.
  2. Remove the existing latch: Take out the existing latch from your cabinet, carefully noting its design and measurements.
  3. Measure the overall dimensions: Measure the length, width, and height of the latch. These measurements will help you find a replacement latch that fits properly.
  4. Check the mounting hole spacing: Measure the distance between the center of the mounting holes on the latch. This measurement is crucial because it determines whether the new latch will align with the existing screw holes in your cabinet.
  5. Consider the door thickness: Measure the thickness of the cabinet door where the latch will be installed. This measurement is important to ensure that the latch you choose will accommodate the door’s thickness.
  6. Determine the latch’s functionality: Decide whether you want a latch with the same or different functionality. For example, if you currently have a magnetic catch and want to switch to a roller catch, make a note of that preference.
  7. Research and purchase: Armed with the latch’s measurements and desired functionality, search for replacement latches that match your criteria. Consider visiting hardware stores or online retailers that specialize in cabinet hardware.
  8. Install the new latch: Once you have the replacement latch, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install it in your cabinet. Ensure it aligns with the existing screw holes and fits securely.

There are several different types of RV cabinet door latches available in the market. Here are some common types:

  1. Push Button Latches: These latches feature a push-button mechanism. The latch releases when the button is pressed, allowing the cabinet door to open. They are easy to use and provide quick access to the cabinet contents.
  2. Magnetic Latches: A magnetic door latch uses magnets to keep the cabinet doors securely closed. They typically consist of a magnetic catch on one door and a metal plate on the other door, creating a magnetic connection when closed. To open the cabinet, you simply pull on the door to overcome the magnetic force. While used in some RVs, you will need to have a strong magnet.
  3. Twist/Turn Latches: Twist or turn latches require rotating or twisting an attached knob or lever to release the latch and open the cabinet door. These latches often provide a more secure closure, as they require deliberate action to unlock and open the cabinet. These are good options for RVs.
  4. Roller Catch Latches: Roller catch latches use a spring-loaded roller to hold the cabinet door closed. When the door is closed, the roller catches on a strike plate or lip, creating tension and keeping the door shut. To open the cabinet, you pull on the door to release the roller catch. These are very common RV door catches, but they can wear out over time, so replacing them is sometimes necessary.
  5. Touch Latches: Touch latches are designed to open with a light touch or slight pressure. They are often used in cabinets with no visible handles or knobs. When you press on the cabinet door, the latch mechanism releases, allowing the door to open. While these work great for cabinets at home, they’re usually not strong enough for RV use.
  6. Sliding Bolt Latches: Sliding bolt latches consist of a bolt that slides into a strike plate or socket to secure the cabinet door. These latches offer a strong and reliable closure and are often used in heavy-duty applications. While less aesthetically pleasing, they will ensure your doors stay closed while traveling. They’re a great option for out-of-sight cabinets that must stay closed on the road.
  7. Friction Catches: Friction catches utilize friction to hold the cabinet door closed. They have a spring-loaded mechanism that creates tension when the door is closed, ensuring a snug fit. To open the cabinet, you simply pull on the door to overcome the friction. These are great for home but not the right choice for RVs.
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These are just a few examples of the different types of RV cabinet door latches available. Each type has its own mechanism and characteristics, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs for securing your RV cabinet doors.

MELLYK RV Drawer latch

These cabinet latches and catches are specifically designed for use in RVs, offering a range of benefits for keeping your doors closed when traveling. They're made with a high impact ABS material which is both durable and weather-resistant, ensuring they can withstand the conditions commonly experienced in RVs. With a strong 10 lb pull force, they effectively keep cabinets and doors closed, eliminating the problem of drawers popping out or squeaking while on the move. The latches have been extensively tested on RVs, as well as in offices and home drawers, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness. The reviews are also excellent, which is an assurance from other RV owners.

One of the primary advantages of these latches, particularly in an RV setting. They feature a user-friendly mechanism that allows adults to easily access cabinets with just a quick finger pull action, ensuring convenience and efficiency. This is a nice feature if you have small children that you want to keep out of the cabinets.

Installing these RV cabinets catches is a hassle-free process. The package includes all the necessary equipment, such as mounting brackets and screws, enabling easy installation in your desired areas in your RV or other spaces. With no need to disassemble the cabinet or drawer doors, the installation can be completed within minutes using an electric drill. They offer durability, weather resistance, and a strong pull force to keep cabinets and doors securely closed while on the move. The latches are versatile and can be used in various areas, not limited to RVs. 


  1. Sturdy and durable material.
  2. Weather-resistant, suitable for RV use.
  3. Strong 10 lb pull force.
  4. Prevents drawers from popping out or squeaking.
  5. Versatile, suitable for various areas in an RV.
  6. Enhances home safety by keeping children away from dangerous substances.
  7. Allows easy access for adults with a user-friendly mechanism.
  8. Easy installation with included mounting brackets and screws.
  9. Quick setup, no need to disassemble cabinet/drawer doors.


  1. Plastic construction is not as strong as metal
  2. Rarely will be a direct replacement for factory latches
  3. It may not fit all cabinet door styles

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Rok Hardware Roller Catch Brown Oil-Rubbed Bronze Copper Finish Heavy Duty Latch
$11.79 ($1.18 / Count)

The roller latches are simple in design and will usually be a direct replacement for the latches you may have in your RV. They're a tried and tested latch style and work well for many situations. Best of all, they're very affordable and easy to replace existing roller catch latches. The main reason many people will choose this option will be when they want to replace similar latches that wore out easily. These Rok Hardware latches have a stone door pulling force of 4.5 to 5.5 pounds. When measuring, please note that the center-to-center screw distance is 1 inch. The depth of the catch is 9/16th of an inch. The item contains ten latch assemblies and installation screws.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Usually, a direct replacement for similar styles
  3. Includes all mounting hardware
  4. Metal construction


  1. Not as strong as other latch styles
  2. They can wear out over time
  3. No lock option

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Mousike Cabinet Magnets 30lb Black Door Magnets

If you want simple magnetic cabinet latches, the Mousike brand is an ideal choice. It provides IP to 30 lbs of pull force, which is strong but won't leave you struggling to open the door when accessing the cabinet. The kit includes all of the hardware needed to install the latches, offering simple DIY installation. The cabinet magnets are made of high-quality stainless steel and will last a long time/. There isn't anything complicated about this setup, which is sometimes a good option when you want to spend less time working and more time camping.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Works on most cabinet doors
  3. Includes all mounting hardware
  4. Stainless steel construction


  1. Not as strong as other latch styles
  2. Magnets aren't the best option if you have a lot of heavy items inside.
  3. No lock option

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WOOCH Door Magnetic Catch - 90lb High Magnetic Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Catch

With a 90 lb pull force, these magnet latches are ideal for RV use. They are made with a super strong magnet and steel strike plate that will keep most RV cabinet doors and drawers closed. They are also strong enough to keep your toddlers from opening the cabinet doors inside your RV. Since they're constructed of all metal materials, they'll last much longer than their plastic counterparts. If you want a simple magnetic latch, the Mousike brand is a good choice. The kit includes a door/drawer catch, strike plate, and screws. They're easy to DIY install with the included hardware. 


  1. Very strong magnet
  2. Easy to install
  3. Includes all mounting hardware
  4. Stainless steel construction


  1. Some people may not like the strong magnet when stationary.
  2. It may not fit all applications since they're a little larger.
  3. No lock option

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INIRET 2 Packs Rotate Bolt Latch Gate Latches Safety Door Lock

If you're looking for the most security but with an aesthetic appeal, the Iniret rotating bolt latch is a great solution. The locking latch is made of high-quality zinc alloy, and the surface is treated with anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion so that it will stand up to humid environments and even marine use. The latch is easy to operate, and when in the locked position, it will keep the door closed in even the bumpiest RV environments. This can also be used in conjunction with other latches, allowing you to lock it when traveling, but have the ease of use of a regular latch when stationary. The two-way latch supports 180° smooth rotation and is easy to switch between open and closed settings. It can be used in many kinds of RV doors with enough clearance on the door and cabinet frame. Each package includes two rotating bolt latches and 12 screws.


  1. Locks for utmost security
  2. Easy to install
  3. Includes all mounting hardware
  4. Aesthetically pleasing


  1. It may not fit all cabinet doors because of the size
  2. More expensive than other options
  3. Hardware is visible from the outside of the cabinet.

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Child Safety Strap Locks (4 Pack)

If you're looking for a backup solution for your existing latches when traveling, this style of childproofing strap works great. They're easy to install with the adhesive strips and will hold any RV cabinet door closed. While they're not the most visibly appealing option, they work great for cabinets that are out of view and where you need a strong and secure closure. These are great to have on hand in the event that you need a quick repair to a latch that fails. You don't need any tools to install them, and they'll work on most cabinet doors, appliances, or other items that need to stay closed when you're driving down a bumpy road.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Provides secure closure for peace of mind


  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing option for kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Best used for traveling and not when stationary (unless you need childproofing)

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When shopping for the best RV drawer latches and cabinet locks, it can be hard to figure out where to start. The perfect replacement is usually one that matches what was installed in the RV, assuming you’re satisfied with how they operate. This will make the installation process much easier. If you simply have a broken clasp, it’s usually easier to just stick with the same style that came with your RV. However, if you’re replacing all of you’re RV latches, then you can choose whatever you want. The basic types of latches work well, but they don’t always provide the most security when driving. However, if you have an old RV cabinet that needs a new latch, you may need to stick with the old style options if you have limited space for installing a new one. 

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