Is a Chevy Colorado Capable of Towing a Camper?

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The 2024 Chevrolet Colorado stands out as a great option for those looking to tow a travel trailer or camper. The 2024 Chevy Colorado is well-equipped for towing. This robust mid-size pickup truck boasts a towing capacity ranging from 3,500 pounds in its base configuration to an impressive 7,700 pounds with the right towing package and engine combination. This makes the Chevy Colorado a versatile choice for towing everything from small pop-up trailers to larger recreational vehicles, ensuring that your next camping trip is both convenient and enjoyable with this capable towing vehicle. As with any vehicle, the exact towing capacity will depend on the vehicle’s configuration, trim level, and packages.

Previous Chevy Colorado Models (2008-2024) Towing Capacities

While the newest Chevy Colorado offers excellent towing capabilities, previous generations of the truck are also very capable tow vehicles. Below is a breakdown of older-model Colorado towing capabilities:

YearLowest Tow RatingHighest Tow Rating
20081,900 lbs6,000 lbs
2009 to 20121,900 lbs6,000 lbs
2015 to 20173,500 lbs7,700 lbs
2018 to 20243,500 lbs7,700 lbs

Towing Capacity: A Key Feature for Recreational Vehicles

The 2024 Chevy Colorado redefines towing and hauling capabilities in the mid-size pickup truck segment, making it a superb choice for towing recreational vehicles and heavy-duty equipment. This rugged pickup is engineered to handle demanding tasks with an array of towing packages and engine options, allowing for a customizable towing experience. To achieve maximum performance, the truck should be equipped with the correct engine, 2.7 L Turbo Plus engine and Trailering Package. The trailering package includes the following:

Chevy Colorado Trailering (tow) Package:

  • 2-inch receiver hitch, 4-pin, and 7-pin connectors
  • 7-wire electrical harness and 7-pin sealed connector for connecting your trailer’s lights and brakes to your vehicle
  • 4-way sealed connector for use on trailers without brakes to hook up parking lamps, brake lamps, and right and left turn signals
  • Automatic locking rear differential
Chevy Colorado Towing Camper

Key Features of the Towing Capacity:

  1. Base Towing Capacity: In its base configuration, the Chevy Colorado offers a towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds, accommodating small campers, trailers, and boats.
  2. Maximum Towing with Towing Package: By opting for the available towing package and higher-performance engine, the Colorado’s towing capabilities are significantly enhanced. This package elevates the truck’s towing capacity to a maximum of 7,700 pounds, ideal for larger trailers, boats, and heavy-duty equipment.
  3. Robust Engine and Suspension System: At the heart of its towing prowess is a powerful engine supported by an advanced suspension system. This combination ensures efficient and safe towing across various terrains.
  4. Cutting-Edge Towing Technology: The Colorado is equipped with state-of-the-art towing technology. This includes features that aid in stability, control, and ease of towing, enhancing the overall towing experience.
  5. Impressive Payload Capacity: Beyond towing, the Colorado impresses with a payload capacity of up to 1,578 pounds, depending on the model and engine choice. This allows for the transportation of a diverse range of items, from adventure gear to construction materials, without compromising performance or safety.
  6. Customizable Configurations: With different engines and trim levels available, you can tailor the Colorado to suit your specific towing and hauling needs, ensuring that you have the right combination of power and functionality.

Towing and Hauling Made Easy

The 2024 Chevy Colorado emerges as a top contender for those seeking a reliable and capable towing vehicle. Its versatility in handling different weights and types of equipment makes it an ideal choice for a variety of uses, from recreational activities like camping and boating to professional hauling needs. Whether you’re on a family camping trip or a professional job site, the Chevy Colorado provides excellent performance and safety.

The Chevy Colorado is a great choice for those towing average campers, including Airstream trailers and smaller fifth wheels. The towing capacity makes it suitable for a basic range of recreational vehicles, making it a better option than many older models or even some heavy-duty trucks for a comfortable camping trip.

The Colorado, even at its base level, can tow a small camper. However, when moving up in trim level, the options increase. There are an increasing number of small travel trailer options that fall under the 7,700 lb tow rating, including some well-equipped ultra-light ones under 7,000 lbs that provide plenty of living space for a larger family. Check out some of our RV buying guides for suggestions of travel trailers that are perfect for families.

Understanding Weight Limits and Towing Safety

For those towing a larger camper or travel trailer, understanding the dry weight, tongue weight, and actual weight of the camper is crucial. The Chevy Colorado models are designed to handle these weights efficiently, especially when equipped with a weight distribution hitch. This ensures that the extra weight is evenly distributed across the axle, providing a safer and more stable towing experience.

Engine Options and Drivetrains

The 2024 Colorado offers different engines, with variations in HP from the 2.7-liter lineup.  The choice between a rear-wheel drive crew cab or a four-wheel drive model can make a big difference in your towing experience, especially when considering the weight of each vehicle and the type of camper you’re towing. Below is a breakdown of the Colorado engine offerings available for the 2024 model.

Chevy Colorado ModelEngine Size & TypeHorsepowerAdditional Features
WT and LT2.7-liter turbocharged inline-four237 hpStandard Engine
Z71, Trail Boss, ZR22.7-liter turbocharged inline-four310 hpHigher power and torque compared to Jeep Gladiator, Ridgeline, and Tacoma V-6 powertrains
(Optional for WT and LT)Same engine as in Chevy Silverado 1500
ZR2 Bison2.7-liter turbocharged inline-four310 hpAdvanced off-road capabilities, 35-inch tires, 12.2-inch ground clearance, hydraulic front and rear stops

Note: The previous V-6 and Duramax Diesel options are no longer available in the new Colorado. The ZR2 model features enhanced off-road suspension components, while WT and LT models use an open rear differential and Trail Boss and Z71 models come with a limited-slip differential. The ZR2 Bison stands out for its superior off-road capabilities and features.

Trim Levels and Additional Features for Towing

Each trim level of the Chevy Colorado, including similar models like the GMC Canyon, comes with its own set of features. The higher trim levels often include a trailering package, which can include upgraded exhaust systems, trailer brakes, and a tow package with an improved axle ratio for better towing capacity and fuel mileage.

Practical Considerations for Towing

When towing with the Colorado, it’s important to consider little things like ensuring a full tank of gas, checking the weight ratings on the cat scale, and ensuring your camper has the right hitch weight for your truck’s towing capacity. The weight limit of your truck bed, especially in options like a short bed or long bed, and the use of accessories like brake controllers and tow dolly, can significantly affect your towing capacity and safety.


The pricing of the Chevy Colorado varies depending on the model and drivetrain configuration. The base model, WT 4×2, starts at $30,695, offering an affordable entry into the Colorado lineup. For those seeking more features, the LT 4×2 is priced at $33,095. For off-road enthusiasts or those requiring all-wheel drive, the WT 4×4 is available at $33,995, and the LT 4×4 at $36,395. The Trail Boss, designed for more rugged terrain, is priced at $38,495. At the top of the range is the Z71, with a price tag of $41,395, offering a blend of luxury and off-road capability.

Here’s a table summarizing the pricing for each model:

Chevy Colorado ModelDrivetrainPrice
WT 4×24×2$30,695
LT 4×24×2$33,095
WT 4×44×4$33,995
LT 4×44×4$36,395
Trail Boss$38,495

Final Thoughts

The 2024 Chevy Colorado, with its various trim levels, engine options, and towing capabilities, is a fantastic new truck for anyone looking to tow a travel trailer or camper. Its capacity to handle additional weight, combined with features like a trailering package and different axle ratios, makes it one of the best options for a safe and enjoyable towing experience. Whether you’re heading to a nearby campsite or embarking on a longer journey, the Colorado is a great truck that promises enough space, power, and reliability for your next adventure.

To learn more about the 2024 Chevy Colorado, check out a great first look at the lineup here:

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