Best Fifth Wheel Hitches for the Ford Puck System

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If you own a Ford truck with the Puck System and are looking for the best fifth-wheel hitch, you’re in the right place. The Ford Puck System revolutionizes towing by offering a seamless and secure way to connect your vehicle to a fifth-wheel trailer. In this article, we will dive into the top 5th wheel hitches designed specifically for the Ford Puck System. From ease of installation to enhanced towing stability, we’ve got you covered with options that will elevate your towing experience to new heights. Whether it’s for leisurely RV trips or heavy-duty hauling, discover the perfect hitch for your Ford truck and unlock the full potential of your towing capabilities.

​The best fifth wheel hitch will ultimately depend on your truck, RV, and personal preference. However, below is our top list of hitches designed for the Ford Puck System. More details about each of these options are listed below in the article.

What is the Ford Puck System?

When it comes to towing, especially with heavy trailers such as fifth wheels, having a reliable and robust connection between your truck and trailer is crucial. This is where the Ford Puck System comes into play, a game-changer in the world of towing solutions. But what exactly is this system, and why is it so beneficial for Ford truck owners? Let’s delve into the details.

Understanding the Ford Puck System

The Ford Puck System, also known as the Ford Factory Puck System, is an innovative towing setup designed by Ford for its line of trucks, particularly the Super Duty series. This system simplifies the process of attaching the fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches to the truck bed, ensuring a secure and integrated connection. The system is compatible with a regular fifth-wheel hitch for a long bed truck or the popular sliding hitches often required for a short bed setup.

Key Features

  1. Integrated Design: Unlike traditional bed rails, the Ford Puck System is built directly into the bed of the truck. This design provides a cleaner look when the hitch is not in use, as there are no protruding rails or components.
  2. Convenient Attachment Points: The system consists of several (usually four) puck-like receptacles that are evenly distributed in the truck bed. These pucks are the attachment points for compatible hitches and are designed to ensure a perfect fit with the Ford lineup.
  3. Enhanced Towing Stability: Due to its integrated nature and precise positioning, the puck system offers superior stability and security for towing heavy loads. This is especially crucial when towing large fifth-wheel trailers that require a stable connection to handle the weight and dynamics of towing.
  4. Ease of Use: One of the most significant advantages of the Ford Puck System is its ease of use. Hitches designed for this system can be quickly and easily dropped into the pucks and locked into place, significantly reducing the installation time and effort. It also makes removal a breeze when compared to traditional systems.
  5. Versatility: While it is a proprietary system, many leading hitch manufacturers have developed compatible models specifically for the Ford Puck System. This means that truck owners have a wide range of options to choose from, depending on their towing needs.
  6. Full Bed Access: When not in use, the pucks are either flush with the bed or covered with caps, allowing full use of the truck bed without any obstruction, which is not always possible with traditional rail-based systems. This alleviates one of the downsides of fifth-wheel RVs, which is having a bed that’s obstructed because of the hitch. 

The Benefits for Ford Truck Owners

For Ford truck owners, the puck system offers a blend of convenience, safety, and versatility. It eliminates the need for aftermarket bed rail installations, which can be time-consuming and require drilling or other modifications to the truck bed. The system is also designed to handle the high towing capacities of Ford Super Duty trucks, ensuring that drivers can tow confidently, knowing that their hitch is securely anchored.

Top Choices for Ford Puck System Hitches

Our Pick
B&W Trailer Hitches Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch - RVK3500

The B&W Companion 5th wheel hitch is a premium towing solution specifically designed for Ford trucks equipped with the factory 5th-wheel towing prep package. This hitch is known for its robust construction and user-friendly features, making it an excellent choice for secure and smooth towing. While this is perfect for long-bed trucks, B&W also sells a sliding hitch for the Companion hitch series if you have a short bed truck.

Product Overview

B&W hitches are some of the best on the market. The Companion OEM hitch is engineered to mount directly in the truck bed, facilitating easy towing of 5th-wheel trailers. It stands out due to its rail-free design, allowing full bed access when the hitch is removed. Key features include 1" thick dual jaws for secure jaw-to-king-pin contact, a cam-action latching handle for easy release, and a fully articulating head for reduced chucking and easier hookup.


  • Application: Compatible with 2011 and newer Ford Super Duty trucks with factory-installed towing prep package.
  • Gross Towing Weight: Up to 20,000 lbs.
  • Vertical Load Limit: 5,000 lbs.
  • Hitch Height: Adjustable between 16-3/4" and 18-3/4".
  • Construction: Corrosion-resistant gray powder-coated steel.
  • Country of Origin: Made in the USA.
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime.


  • Optimized for Ford Puck System: Specifically designed for the Ford factory 5th-wheel prep package for a seamless fit.
  • Full Bed Access: Easily removable hitch allowing unobstructed bed use when not towing.
  • Secure Connection: The 1" thick dual jaws provide a firm grip on the kingpin, offering enhanced security and stability.
  • Quiet Towing: Polyurethane bushings and a fully articulating head contribute to a rattle-free, smoother ride.
  • Ease of Use: The cam-action handle simplifies the release process, even on uneven terrain, and is lockable for added security.
  • Versatility: Adjustable height and front-to-back positioning for better cab clearance and compatibility with different trailer heights.


  • Weight: As a robust and durable unit, it may be heavier than some alternatives.
  • Price: High-quality construction and features might come at a premium price compared to basic models.

Why It's Great for Ford Truck Puck System

The B&W Companion, Fifth Wheel Hitch, is particularly well-suited for the Ford truck puck system due to its custom design and compatibility. Its easy installation and removal leverage the puck system's convenience, ensuring a secure fit and easy alignment. The hitch's advanced features, like the dual jaw system, articulating head, and non-binding latch handle, enhance the towing experience, making it a top choice for Ford truck owners seeking reliability and ease of use.

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Reese M5™ Fifth Wheel Hitch

The Reese M5 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch is a robust and innovative towing solution designed specifically for Ford trucks with the OEM towing prep package. This hitch is celebrated for its safety, security, and ease of use, making it a top-tier option for towing 5th-wheel trailers. 

Product Overview

The Reese M5 is a heavy-duty hitch featuring a unique one-piece, wraparound jaw design, and a fully articulating head, which ensures a secure and quiet towing experience. It is compatible with both Ford's factory-installed 5th-wheel towing prep package and Reese Elite Series aftermarket under-bed rails, offering versatility for various setups. Its user-friendly design includes an easy-to-see lock indicator, a high-pin lockout feature, and an ergonomic handle for easy operation.


  • Application: Suitable for 2011 and newer Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks with factory-installed towing prep package. Also compatible with Reese Elite Series aftermarket underbed rails.
  • Gross Towing Weight: Up to 20,000 lbs.
  • Vertical Load Limit: 5,000 lbs.
  • Hitch Height Settings: 14", 16", or 18".
  • Construction: Sturdy steel with a durable powder coat finish; zinc handle, latches, and jaw for corrosion resistance.
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime.


  • Secure Connection: The single-piece Talon jaw wraps around the king pin for maximum security and minimal rattle.
  • Ease of Use: Features an ergonomic handle that can be operated with just two fingers and an easy-to-see Tow/No Tow indicator.
  • Enhanced Ride Comfort: Built-in shock-dampening technology and independent pivot bushings reduce rattle and movement.
  • Quick Hookup: Large landing area and king pin target, along with the V-notch guide, facilitate quick and easy hookup.
  • Safety Features: High pin lockout and king pin indicator prevent high pinning, enhancing safety.
  • Adjustability: Offers three height settings and an offset design for improved cab clearance.


  • Weight: As a heavy-duty hitch, it might be heavier than some lighter-duty alternatives.
  • Complexity: The advanced features may require a more thorough understanding for optimal use.

Why It's Great for Ford Truck Puck System

The Reese M5 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch is an excellent match for the Ford truck puck system, thanks to its specialized design and compatibility. Its straightforward installation into the Ford OEM under-bed pucks or Elite Series rails makes it a seamless fit for Ford truck owners. The hitch's robust construction and innovative features like the self-latching jaw, king pin indicator, and shock-dampening technology ensure a secure, comfortable, and quiet towing experience. Its adaptability, ease of use, and safety-focused design make it a preferred choice for those seeking a reliable hitch for their Ford trucks.

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Curt Q25 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

The CURT Q 25™ 5th wheel hitch is a top-of-the-line towing solution, embodying strength and smooth operation. It is especially suited for RV towing, designed to provide a powerful, quiet, and smooth towing experience reminiscent of the tranquil landscapes it's named after.

Product Overview

The Q25™ stands out with its spherical axial bearing, allowing the 5th wheel head to tilt in any direction, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride. It features dual-locking jaws that securely wrap around the kingpin for a firm vehicle-trailer connection. Enhanced with three grease fittings and a polyethylene lube plate, the hitch guarantees optimum lubrication for quieter operation. Constructed from carbon steel and coated in a carbide black powder coat finish, it offers durability and resistance against rust and wear.


  • Capacity: 24,000 lbs Gross Trailer Weight (GTW).
  • Vertical Load: 6,000 lbs.
  • Finish: Carbide black powder coat.
  • Installation Height: Adjustable between 13 inches and 17 inches.
  • Material: Carbon steel.
  • Compatibility: Designed for Ford long-bed pickups with the truck bed puck system.
  • Special Note: Not compatible with certain turret-style pin boxes, like Sidewinder.
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime (One-Year Finish, One-Year Parts).


  • Superior Towing Power: With a 24,000 lbs GTW, it's ideal for heavy-duty towing.
  • Quiet Operation: Spherical axial bearing and lubrication points ensure a smooth and quiet towing experience.
  • Secure Connection: Dual-locking jaws provide a strong grip on the kingpin, reducing movement and enhancing safety.
  • Durable Construction: Made from strong carbon steel with a rust-resistant powder coat finish.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for Ford puck systems, allowing for quick and straightforward installation.
  • Adjustability: Offers a range of installation heights for versatile use.


  • Weight: At 166.8 lbs shipping weight, it's relatively heavy, which might be challenging for some users.
  • Compatibility: Not suitable for all trailer types, particularly those with turret-style pin boxes.

Why It's Great for Ford Truck Puck System

The CURT Q25™ is particularly well-suited for Ford trucks equipped with the puck system. Its OEM puck system legs are designed to quickly and easily mount onto the Ford truck bed pucks, making installation straightforward and secure. The hitch's robust design, combined with its unique spherical axial bearing, ensures a towing experience that is both powerful and serene, mirroring the calm and strength of the landscapes it evokes. Its compatibility with Ford's puck system, along with its high towing capacity and smooth operation, makes the CURT Q25™ an excellent choice for Ford truck owners seeking a high-quality 5th wheel towing solution.

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Demco 8550024 Autoslide 18K UMS Fifth Wheel Hitch

The 18K Ford Prep Package 5th Wheel Hitch is a dynamic towing solution designed for short-bed truck beds, providing an advanced and secure way to tow 5th-wheel trailers. This hitch is particularly notable for its automatic sliding feature and sturdy construction, offering both convenience and reliability.

Product Overview

This hitch features an automatic slider that provides 14 inches of additional clearance for tight turns, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. The wraparound jaw ensures a smooth ride and enhances security with a solid locking bar. The pivoting head allows for easy hookup and helps limit chucking, making it a great hitch for short-bed truck owners.


  • Designed for: 6-1/2' truck beds.
  • Compatibility: Fits standard pin boxes 12" - 14" wide.
  • Gross Towing Weight: 18,000 lbs.
  • Vertical Load Limit: 4,500 lbs.
  • Travel: 14" front to back.
  • Hitch Height Settings: 16-1/2", 17-3/4", and 19-1/4".
  • Warranty: 5-Year limited.
  • Additional: Not compatible with Sidewinder or Revolution king pins.


  • Automatic Slider: Enhances clearance for safe turning, particularly in tight spaces.
  • Secure Connection: The wraparound jaw offers 360-degree contact for less rattle and increased security.
  • Ease of Use: The hitch head automatically adjusts for hookup, and the handle is spring-loaded for simple coupling.
  • Smooth Ride: Cushioning polyurethane dampeners help reduce noise and absorb road shock.
  • Versatile Installation: Compatible with various above-bed base rails from different manufacturers.
  • Adjustable Height: Three settings provide flexibility for different truck and trailer configurations.


  • Weight and Size: As a heavy-duty option, it may be more cumbersome to install and handle.
  • Compatibility Restrictions: Not suitable for use with certain types of pin boxes.

Why It's Great for Ford Truck Puck System

The 18K Ford Prep Package 5th Wheel Hitch is well-suited for the Ford truck puck system due to its design and functionality. Its automatic slider is a significant advantage for Ford truck owners with short beds, providing the necessary clearance for safe maneuvering and preventing the trailer from hitting your rear window. The hitch's robust construction and advanced features like the wraparound jaw and pivoting head offer a secure and smooth towing experience. Its compatibility with a range of base rails makes it a versatile choice for Ford trucks equipped with the factory puck system, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free setup for towing 5th-wheel trailers.

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fifth Wheel Hitch

Selecting the right fifth wheel hitch for your towing needs involves a range of considerations. From understanding the dynamics of your tow vehicle to considering the terrain you’ll navigate, each element plays a crucial role. Here are the essential factors to consider, incorporating the suggested keywords:

1. Weight Capacity and Tow Vehicle Compatibility

  • Matching Hitch to Truck and Trailer: The hitch’s weight capacity should match your tow vehicle’s capabilities. For a heavy-duty truck or a new truck, you may need a hitch with a higher weight capacity.
  • Understanding Pin Box and Rear Axle Dynamics: The hitch should accommodate the pin box type of your trailer and be compatible with the rear axle positioning of your truck, especially for a crew cab or a short box.

2. Hitch Type and Adjustability

  • Selecting the Best 5th Wheel Hitch: Choose between a standard fifth-wheel hitch and gooseneck adapters, depending on your truck’s configuration and preferences for a clean bed when not in use.
  • Vertical Adjustments and Back Adjustment: Look for hitches with vertical and back adjustments, essential for aligning with various trailer heights and ensuring a balanced load distribution.

3. Installation and Ease of Use

  • Mounting System and Industry Standard Rails: The hitch should be easy to install and compatible with industry-standard rails if your truck doesn’t have a specific mounting system like the Ford Puck System.
  • Considering a New Hitch: If upgrading to a new hitch, consider ease of installation, especially if you switch between using a tonneau cover and towing.

4. Maneuverability and Towing Experience

  • Pivot Point and Dual Pivot Head: A dual-pivot head or a hitch with an adjustable pivot point can significantly improve maneuverability, especially important for navigating tight corners or making sharp turns with a pickup truck.
  • Turning Radius: Pay attention to how the hitch affects the turning radius, crucial for ensuring safety and ease of handling, particularly with longer trailers.

5. Durability and Additional Features

  • Longevity and Warranty: Look for a durable hitch with a limited lifetime warranty, indicating the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.
  • Additional Features: Features like an anti-rattle skid plate can enhance your towing experience by reducing noise and improving stability.

6. Reviews and Personal Experience

  • User Reviews and Personal Opinion: Research user reviews and rely on personal experience or recommendations to gauge the real-world performance of different brands.
  • Considering Your Specific Needs: Think about your usual routes (whether they involve many sharp turns or tight corners) and the type of loads you tow. This can dictate whether a lightweight or a heavy-duty hitch is the best option for you.

Choosing the right fifth wheel hitch is not just about finding a great deal; it’s about ensuring safety, compatibility, and a pleasant towing experience. Take the time to research, compare different brands, and consider how the hitch will function with your specific tow vehicle and trailer. Good luck in finding a hitch that delivers good results and meets your towing needs!

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