How Much Does It Cost To Dump Your RV Waste Tanks

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When camping at a non-full hookup site or boondocking, you may find yourself looking for a place to empty your RV’s waste tanks. Sometimes, in addition to finding a location to dump your tanks, you also need to consider costs. Typically, you’ll find that dumping your RV waste tanks outside RV campgrounds will cost you between $10 and $25. These stations are generally reliable, offering the necessary facilities for straightforward and safe disposal.

It’s worth noting that you do have some cost-saving options. Some rest stops, state parks, and public campgrounds offer free dumping facilities. These can be great if you’re looking to keep expenses low if you’re lucky enough to have a free facility nearby.

RV Dump Station Cost

While every facility has the ability to set its own rates, most will generally fall into a standard price range. It’s always a good idea to call a facility before driving there to ensure they’re open and to inquire about a rate. Typically, the nearest facility to you will likely be the best deal, regardless of price, when factoring in gas for driving or towing your RV.

  • Free Disposal Sites: Accessible at selected rest stops, state parks, and public campgrounds, offering a cost-effective solution for waste disposal.
  • Standard Dump Station Fees: Most RV dump stations charge fees ranging from $10 to $25, depending on location and facilities provided.
  • Septic Service: If you’re in a pinch and there aren’t any nearby dump stations, you may be able to contact a residential septic system tank pumping company. While some may be able to come to you to empty your tanks, the cost will likely be much more expensive, exceeding $100.
RV Dump Station Cost

Free RV Dump Stations Options

Free dump stations, often found at rest areas, public dump stations, state and national parks, and even some gas stations, are a boon for RV owners. These stations are typically open year-round and offer basic facilities for emptying the RV’s black and grey water tank. While free dumps save money, they may lack amenities like a water hose for cleaning or potable water refills. Additionally, if you need to drive a significant distance to get to a free location, consider that you may spend more on gas than paying for service at a nearby facility.

Paid RV dump sites are often found at private campgrounds, truck stops, and commercial travel plazas. Some RV dealerships, like Camping World, may also have this service available onsite. While campgrounds typically offer dump services without a fee to guests (at full hookups or dump stations, some allow non-guests to use the facilities for a fee. Each campground is different, but expect to pay between $20-$25. If you’re in a bind, you can also try calling a local wastewater treatment plant, which may offer dump services for a small fee. These sites, which might charge a dumping station fee or a separate fee for additional services, often provide access to potable water and solid waste disposal.

Two of the most common travel plaza facilities with dump stations are Flying J’s and Love’s.  Flying J is currently $10/drump, but it’s only $7.50 for Good Sam members. Love’s Travel Stop charges $10. However, before heading to one of these locations, ensure they are available. 

Flyhing J RV Dump


While many RV dump stations and campgrounds are open year-round, checking seasonal availability is good, especially in colder regions with limited water services. Calling before you make the drive is always a good idea. 

Tools and Apps for Locating Dump Stations

with the advent of technology and dedicated online resources, this task has become simpler and more efficient. In this blog section, we’ll explore some of the best websites and tools to help you locate RV dump stations, ensuring your journey is smooth and hassle-free.

    • Offers extensive listings of RV dump stations globally.
    • Includes various types (private, public, RV park, etc.).
    • Searchable by Zip or Postal code.
    • Specific to US RV dump stations.
    • Easier navigation with state, city, or map search options.
    • Special feature: map showing Interstate rest areas with dump stations.
    • Part of AllStays LLC, offering apps and resources for RVers.
    • AllStays Pro is browser-based, not an app.
    • Provides extensive RV trip planning resources, including dump station locations.
    • 10% discount on AllStays Pro annual subscription with a code.
    • It is known for listing campgrounds and includes dump stations.
    • Searchable by state with a map feature.
    • Integrated into the Roadpass Pro app, offering additional RV resources.
  5. Roadpass Pro (Included in Campendium):
    • Offers free boondocking locations, RV-specific GPS navigation, Roadtrippers Plus for trip planning, and full access to Campendium’s premium features.
    • Discount available on annual membership.
    • An RV rental site with a section for finding nearby RV dump stations.
    • Searchable by state and city.
    • Browser-based for easy use.

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