10 Best Front Living Travel Trailers (2023)

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When shopping for a new travel trailer, you’ll come across countless options with varying floor plans. Travel Trailers are one of the most common styles of Recreational Vehicles (RVs) available on the market, and the decision for choosing the right RV can be challenging.

One of the first steps in selecting the perfect RV will be to identify the floor plan you like. Most travel trailers will offer a front bedroom floor plan. While this is common, it’s not what every camper wants. Luckily you have several options, including the rare front living floorplan. These are is sometimes referenced as rear bedroom floorplans.

In a front living travel trailer, the master bedroom is typically located in the rear of the RV. The kitchen is typically located in the middle of the RV, with some models offering a kitchen island to create more counter space. A front living RV is nice because it keeps a distance between the two most used areas, the bedroom and living room. Unlike a front kitchen model, which keeps the living area near the main bedroom, this added space makes a unique space for campers who value space.

Front Living Travel Trailers are a great choice for RVers seeking a blend of comfort and functionality. These trailers feature a unique layout with the living area at the front, providing an expansive, welcoming space ideal for entertaining or relaxation. Whenever I visit RV shows or dealerships, I always check out the new front living travel trailer models. While more common in Fifth Wheels, they can sometimes be hard to find in travel trailers; but when I do, I fall in love with the floorplans. I’ve looked at dozens of Front Living RVs and have narrowed my top choices down to the following options. Check out my full review and more in-depth details of each model further down in the article.

Top Front Living Travel Trailer Models

RV ModelLengthWeights (GVWR/Dry Weight/Cargo Capacity)Width & HeightPrice
2023 North Trail Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer 29FLR33′-8″9,628 lbs / 6,610 lbs / 2,986 lbs8′-1/2″ / 11′-4″Check Current Price
2023 Keystone Premier 25KPR28 ft7,600 lb / 6,520 lb / 1,080 lb– / 11 ft$49,005
2023 Airstream Classic 30RB31 ft 5 in10,000 lb / 7,900 lb / 2,100 lb8 ft 5.5 in / 9 ft 6 in$188,100
2023 Keystone Hideout 38FDDS39 ft 11 in10,000 lb / 8,376 lb / 1,624 lb– / 11 ft 2 in$57,750
2023 Jay Flight Bungalow41 ft13,345 lb / 11,345 lb / 2,005 lb– / 12 ft 4 in$84,047
2023 Salem Cruise Lite 220BHXL27 ft 8 in5,602 lb / 4,800 lb / 2,802 lb– / 10 ft 3 inCheck for Latest Price
2023 Flagstaff Classic Travel Trailers 832FLSB36 ft 8 in11,115 lb / 9,254 lb / 1,861 lb– / 11 ft 7 inCheck for Latest Price
Rockwood Signature Travel Trailers 8324SB – DSO36 ft 8 in11,115 lb / 9,254 lb / 1,861 lb– / 11 ft 7 inCheck for Latest Price
2023 Kodiak Ultimate 3371FLSL37 ft 3 in9,680 lb / 7,564 lb / 2,116 lb– / 11 ft 2 in$67,736
2023 Crossroads Volante VL3851FL41 ft 11 in15,027 lb / 12,517 lb / 2,510 lb– / 13 ft 6 inCheck for Latest Price

What is a Front Living Floorplan?

RVs, including fifth wheels and travel trailers, will have floorplans that move the interior spaces around throughout the RV. In a front living RV, the entertainment and living room area is located in the front of the unit, closest to the trailer hitch. This is different than the traditional floorplan, which features front bedroom layouts (a bedroom in the front of the RV).

The front of an RV is usually a coveted space because of its stability. The rear of the RV tends to be a little more bouncy. A living space in this area is really nice as it affords a spacious area for large families to gather without disturbing the people in the bedroom.


Another benefit to a front living RV is that it situates the bedroom in the rear, which can be the quietest area in the RV. This is a nice feature when staying at a busy campground. This unique floorplan can be hard to find, but with a little patience and some ideas of what to look for, you may be able to find the perfect unit for you and your family.

Additional questions to consider when shopping for a Front Living Travel Trailer:

  • Is the kitchen layout what you want? (appliances, storage, large countertop, etc.)
  • Is there an outdoor kitchen?
  • Does it have enough floor space?
  • Does it have ample storage (pantry, large closet, etc.)
  • What are the sizes of the gray water, fresh water, and black water tanks?
  • Does it have an additional rear bathroom?
  • Does it have additional sleeping areas (bunk beds, a sofa bed, etc.)

Each year, RV manufacturers display the addition of new models and floorplans, and model year 2023 is no different. Check out some of these amazing RVs, with some that offer many of the features found in a traditional home.

Best 2023 Front Living Travel Trailers


NorthTrail 29FLR

The North Trail 29FLR is the ultimate trailer for thrill-seekers who want to take their home on the road. It’s got everything you need for any adventure, like a tire pressure monitoring system, slide-out topper, backup camera, solar prep with an upgrade option, Wi-Fi prep, and a rear ladder. Plus, there’s plenty of room to store all your gear in the Super King Kong sized pass-through storage.

This bad boy is built to last, with a 4˝ thick vacuum bond laminated roof and 2” Thick Azdel fortified sidewall construction that can handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way. And with the Secure Ride equipped trailer, you’ve got top-of-the-line axles, galvanized metal wheel wells, Wide Trax suspension, and a heated, enclosed underbelly for added protection.

But let’s not forget about the sweet amenities inside. With blackout roller shades, butcher block style kitchen countertops, stainless steel appliances, and upgraded and overstuffed residential furniture, you’ll be living in style. And the value hide-E-center with hidden storage, 72” x 80” gel-infused residential king bed mattress, and monitor panel in the bathroom add to the cozy vibe.

Not to mention, this trailer has dual ducted AC, gas/electric DSI quick recovery water heater, and is Wi-Fi and cable TV prep, Bluetooth Capable FM Radio with HDMI pass-through, TV antenna with booster, designer accent walls, LED lights, and residential interior doors. So, if you’re ready for an adventure, the North Trail 29FLR is the trailer for you.

PRICE: Check the Current Price

LENGTH: 33′-8″

GVWR: 9,628 lbs

DRY WEIGHT: 6,610 lbs


WIDTH: 8′-1/2″

HEIGHT: 11′-4″

2023 Keystone Premier 25KPR

Keystone Premiere 25KPR

Looking for a sleek and durable travel trailer to take on your next adventure? The Keystone Premier 25FKPR might just be the perfect fit! Let’s start with the exterior features, which are both impressive and functional. The frame is made of NORCO® HSLA steel with an automotive deposition coating and is assembled with huck bolts for added strength. It also features an electric tongue jack and dual battery rack, making setup a breeze. The aluminum framed floor and walls provide durability and insulation, while sliding windows with tinted safety glass keep you comfortable and protected.

The full front cap with KeyShield™ automotive-grade paint and protective liner not only looks great but also provides added protection from the elements. The fully walkable roof with a one-piece TPO membrane makes maintenance and inspections easy, and the NORCO® flush floor cable slide system (excluding bunk and bed slides) allows for extra interior space. Other convenient features include the rear ladder prep, four electric stabilizer jacks, and a friction hinge door with an oversized grab handle on the main entry. Plus, the Keystone Premier 25FKPR is a backup camera prepped, has a battery disconnect, and has a docking station with winterization and black tank flush.

Now let’s talk about the interior features. The Keystone Premier 25FKPR offers a spacious and comfortable living space. The Beauflor® with woven flooring in the slides is not only stylish but also easy to clean. The roller shades provide privacy and shade, while the midnight Monterey-stained hardwood cabinet doors and hidden hinges add a touch of elegance. The tri-fold sofa with cup holders and storage, as well as the theater seat with cup holders and storage (instead of the tri-fold sofa), offer ample seating options. With 6′ 11″ interior height and vaulted ceilings, you’ll feel like you have plenty of room to move around. And when the temperature drops, the electric fireplace will keep you cozy and warm.

Overall, the Keystone Premier 25FKPR is a great choice for those seeking a durable and comfortable travel trailer. With impressive exterior features such as a fully walkable roof and NORCO® flush floor cable slide system and comfortable interior features such as the electric fireplace and tri-fold sofa with cup holders and storage, you’ll be ready for your next adventure in style and comfort.

PRICE: $49,005

LENGTH: 28 ft.

GVWR: 7,600 lb.

DRY WEIGHT: 6,520 lb.


HEIGHT: 11 ft.

2023 Airstream Classic 30RB

Airstream 30RB

The Airstream Classic 30 travel trailer is the most expensive on the list, but with the high price tag comes quality unmatched by any other manufacturer. The Classic 30 comes packed with a range of features that make it stand out in the market. One of the most significant features is the new Smart Control Technology, which allows users to control and monitor important features of the trailer remotely from their phone or device. This includes turning lights on and off, extending and retracting the awning, adjusting the air conditioner or heat pump, and monitoring tank and battery levels.

Storage is also a key feature of the Airstream Classic 30. It has been designed with an abundance of large cabinets, spacious wardrobes, and vanity storage, so users don’t have to make tough decisions about what to leave behind for their trip. The residential-style kitchen is another highlight, featuring high-end stainless appliances such as a stove, hood, oven, convection microwave, and refrigerator/freezer, along with Corian countertops, a large stainless steel sink, and a Kohler faucet.

Quality craftsmanship is at the core of every Airstream travel trailer, and the Classic 30 is no exception. Each trailer takes about 350 hours to build, with a focus on using the best materials and innovative ways to create and assemble them. The result is a trailer that lasts for generations, with more than 75% of Airstreams created in nearly 100 years still on the road today. With Airstream, users will also find lower maintenance costs, higher resale value, and the lowest cost of ownership compared to other trailers on the market.

The Airstream Classic 30 also features seamless composite flooring made from a waterproof, inert recycled glass and polypropylene composite developed by Ridge Corporation. This state-of-the-art composite is engineered for firmness underfoot, strength, and screw retention, and its waterproof qualities make it less susceptible to leaks, mold, mildew, insect infestation, and water damage.

Finally, the Airstream Classic 30 offers easy, confident towing thanks to its premium rubber torsion axle suspension system, which absorbs 50% more road vibration than leaf springs used on most other trailers. This minimizes the amount of road shock transferred to the body of the trailer, resulting in a more stable and comfortable towing experience. With all the modern appliances, climate control, and entertainment systems one could want, along with the strategic placement of 110V outlets and USB ports, every piece of furniture in the Airstream Classic 30 is thoughtful, useful, and beautiful.

PRICE: $188,100

LENGTH: 31 ft 5 in

GVWR: 10,000 lb.

DRY WEIGHT: 7,900 lb.


WIDTH: 8 ft 5.5 in

HEIGHT: 9 ft 6 in

2023 Keystone Hideout 38FDDS

Keystone Hideout 38FDDS

The Keystone Hideout 38FDDS is a front living travel trailer, perfect for anyone looking to get into camping without breaking the bank. It’s a great option for families or groups of friends, with plenty of room to sleep everyone comfortably. The exterior features are top-notch, including a sturdy I-beam frame with stamped steel cross-members and outriggers and an aluminum exterior that’s both durable and lightweight. The Alpha Super Flex roof membrane is fully walkable and comes with an 18-year warranty, so you can be sure it will last for many camping trips to come.

One of the standout features of the Hideout is its electric stabilizer jacks, which make it easy to set up camp quickly and efficiently. Other unexpected features include hidden pantries, SolarFlex™ 200, central vacuum, and 4G LTE/WiFi prep that works with all major cellular providers. These features will make your camping experience more comfortable and convenient, whether you’re staying in a remote wilderness area or a popular campground.

The interior of the Hideout is just as impressive as the exterior, with blackout nightshades and an electric fireplace (on slide models only) to keep you cozy on chilly nights. The kitchen features one-piece pressed countertops with undermount ambient lighting, a stainless-steel sink with a cover, a tri-fold sleeper sofa, and a free-standing table and chairs. The bedroom includes a queen bed, bedside outlets, a decorative bedspread, a TV hook-up, and a dual wardrobe with a hanging system.

Overall, the Keystone Hideout 38FDDS is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable, easy-to-tow travel trailer that’s packed with features to make your camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you’re a first-time camper or a seasoned veteran, the Hideout is sure to impress with its sharp, automotive-inspired exterior design and light and airy interiors.

PRICE: $57,750

LENGTH: 39 ft 11 in

GVWR: 10,000 lb.

DRY WEIGHT: 8,376 lb.


HEIGHT: 11 ft 2 in

2023 Jay Flight Bungalow

6788 40LOFT

The 2023 Jay Flight Bungalow travel trailer is a new and impressive addition to the Jayco RV lineup. This large trailer, ideal for setup for a seasonal site, has tons of space and even a loft for the kids. It boasts a range of standard exterior features that make it an exceptional travel trailer for those who love to hit the open road. The wide-body construction of the trailer is 102 inches, making it perfect for those who want a spacious interior. The Magnum Truss roof system ensures that the trailer is sturdy and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the seamless one-piece roof material ensures that there are no leaks and provides added protection.

The 2023 Jay Flight Bungalow travel trailer has an impressive interior that features a tankless water heater and auto-ignition furnace. The interior height is 96 inches, with 82 inches in the slideout room interior height and 84 inches in the tall interior doorways. The trailer also features a loft bedroom that is 68 inches tall, perfect for a comfortable sleep. The trailer has solid wood cabinet doors throughout, providing a sleek and elegant look. It also includes roller shades in the living room and residential-style window treatments with wood trim.

The 2023 Jay Flight Bungalow travel trailer has many other features that make it a great option for those who love to travel. It has electric-powered slideout rooms with an enclosed gear system, making it easy to set up camp. The trailer also has radial tires with galvanized steel and impact-resistant wheel wells, ensuring a smooth ride. The detachable power cord and outside shower are also great features for those who love to travel off-grid. The LED exterior lighting adds an extra layer of safety and convenience when camping at night.

Overall, the 2023 Jay Flight Bungalow travel trailer is a great option for those who love to travel in style and comfort. Its range of features ensures that it provides a luxurious camping experience while also being practical and easy to use. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a longer trip, the 2023 Jay Flight Bungalow travel trailer is an excellent choice.

PRICE: $84,047 

LENGTH: 41 ft

GVWR: 13,345 lb.

DRY WEIGHT: 11,345 lb.


HEIGHT: 12 ft 4 in


Salem 220BHXL

The new 2023 Salem Cruise Lite 220BHXL travel trailer is the perfect way to experience the RV lifestyle with your family. This trailer is packed with features that you would typically only find in higher-priced RVs, so you get quality and value for your money.

One of the standout features of the Cruise Lite is the SolidStep Double Step at the main door. This feature provides a sturdy and safe entrance into the trailer. The exterior LED light strip under the awning is also a nice touch, adding ambiance and visibility for evening activities.

Inside, you’ll find modern cloth roller shades with AutoStop for easy adjustments and privacy. The Green Pkg with Furrion Solar Prep and LED Mushroom Lights is another great feature that helps you conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint. The power awning with adjustable legs provides shade and protection from the elements, while the true stabilizer jacks with JT StrongArms and power tongue jack make setup and leveling a breeze.

The Cruise Lite also boasts a range of convenient features, such as the stainless steel roll-up sink cover, friction hinge entry door, and standard six cu. Ft gas/electric refrigerator with an optional eight cu. Ft. model. The black tank flush and seamless countertops without T-Mold add to the trailer’s overall functionality and style.

The stow-and-go storage for the bed and dinette, updated appliance package, electric fireplace (not available in all models), and USB port package with Bluetooth stereo are all welcome additions to this trailer. And with extra-large panoramic windows on the main slide, you can enjoy stunning views and plenty of natural light inside the trailer.

Overall, the 2023 Salem Cruise Lite 220BHXL travel trailer is an excellent choice for families who want to experience the RV lifestyle without breaking the bank. With its impressive features and unbeatable value, this trailer is sure to provide you and your family with a comfortable and enjoyable home away from home.

PRICE: Check for the latest price

LENGTH: 27 ft 8 in

GVWR: 5,602 lb.

DRY WEIGHT: 4,800 lb.


HEIGHT: 10 ft 3 in



The new 2023 Flagstaff Classic 832FLSB travel trailer is a dream come true for those who love hosting guests and having sleepovers. The rear living room area features a luxurious 60″ electric reclining theatre seat and two 60″ HAB sofas that pull out into perfect guest beds. The massive double slide opens up the kitchen and living room area tremendously, making it a great place to hang out with friends and family.

The exterior of the trailer is just as impressive, with laminated white fiberglass sidewalls and a high gloss front cap with an automotive windshield. The power awning with adjustable rain dump and LED lighting provides shade and ambiance, while the tinted frameless windows add a touch of style. There’s even an outside griddle with an LP hook-up, perfect for cooking up a storm.

Inside the trailer, you’ll find beautiful Newport Ash and Autumn Wood cabinetry, with screwed and glued solid wood cabinet doors and drawers with hidden hinges, soft-closing metal drawer glides, and residential hardware. The 35K BTU ducted furnaces and 15,000 BTU ducted A/C with 50 AMP service keep you comfortable no matter the weather. The multi-zone soundbar/stereo combo with AM/FM and Bluetooth control lets you set the perfect mood for your guests.

The living area features marine-grade carpet in the slides, an LED TV with an upgraded speaker system and subwoofer, and deluxe theater seating with adjustable lumbar support and USB outlets. The kitchen is equipped with a three-burner high-output gas range with a flush mount glass top cover, a 21″ gas oven, and a water-pur filtration system. The residential solid surface kitchen countertops and designer kitchen backsplash add an element of sophistication.

Overall, the 2023 Flagstaff Classic 832FLSB travel trailer is an impressive unit that combines luxury, comfort, and style. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a weekend getaway with friends, this trailer has everything you need to make your trip unforgettable.

PRICE: Check for the latest price

LENGTH: 36 ft 8 in

GVWR: 11,115 lb.

DRY WEIGHT: 9,254 lb.


HEIGHT: 11 ft 7 in


Rockwood 8324SB

With the same layout as the Flagstaff 832FLSB, the Rockwood gives you an extra chance to find this trailer style in your region. Almost every feature is identical, including all of the specifications. However, Rockwood models can sometimes be easier to find. I wanted to include this in this list as a viable alternative since this is an extremely desirable model.

PRICE: Check for the latest price

LENGTH: 36 ft 8 in

GVWR: 11,115 lb.

DRY WEIGHT: 9,254 lb.


HEIGHT: 11 ft 7 in


Kodiak Ultimate 3371FLSL

The 2023 Kodiak Ultimate 3371FLSL travel trailer is perfect for adventurers who want the thrill of getting away combined with premium space and traditional comforts. The trailer features aluminum entry steps that collapse and expand quickly to provide sure-footing for every member of the family to and from camping activities. With a residential 70”x80” king-size bed in every floorplan, you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep after a long day of exploring.

The trailer’s heated and enclosed underbelly ensures all vital functions are kept out of the elements, helping to ensure critical lines don’t freeze, and that unforeseen bumps don’t damage sensitive systems. Plus, this extra layer of protection means you can travel further into the year.

The Kodiak Ultimate 3371FLSL also features HyperDeck floor construction, which includes linoleum flooring, fiberglass reinforced polypropylene, higher density foam core, fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic, steel powder-coated main frame, and fully enclosed underbelly. Other features include an automotive windshield, dark tinted safety glass window, large folding grab handle, adjustable power awning with LED lights, and 20lb LP bottles with a cover.

The trailer is equipped with a range of appliances, including a 3 burner range top with oven and glass cover, range hood with a 12V fan, stainless kitchen sink with an apron front, microwave, and 10 cu. ft. 12V refrigerator with a stainless sheet. It also has living room and bedroom fireplaces, a tub surround and skylight, dual motion sensor bathroom LED lights, roller night shades, and LED backlit medicine cabinet. The Maxx Aire roof vent with a rain sensor, high rise pull-out faucet, and Bluetooth speaker with charging station round out the list of impressive features.

Overall, the 2023 Kodiak Ultimate 3371FLSL travel trailer is an excellent option for anyone looking for a spacious, comfortable, and well-equipped trailer for their next adventure.

PRICE: $67,736

LENGTH: 37 ft 3 in

GVWR: 9,680 lb.

DRY WEIGHT: 7,564 lb.


HEIGHT: 11 ft 2 in

2023 Crossroads VOLANTE VL3851FL

Volante vl 3851fl 1

The Crossroads VL3851FL travel trailer is the perfect choice for those who love to travel and want to experience the comfort of home while on the road. This extra large trailer, with 5 slide outs, rivals some of the amenities usually only found in fifth wheels. The living area is designed to provide maximum comfort with premium residential furniture and LED lighting throughout. The slide-out has accent lights and large dinette windows, providing plenty of natural light and a great view of the surroundings. The Wood Slide-Out Fascia adds to the luxurious feel of the space. The Tri-Fold Hide-a-Bed Sofa provides extra sleeping space for guests, and the Storage Doors Below Booth Dinette are perfect for storing all your travel essentials. The AM/FM/Bluetooth Soundbar is a great way to enjoy your favorite tunes, while the Fireplace adds warmth and coziness to the living area.

The exterior of the Crossroads VL3851FL travel trailer is designed with convenience and functionality in mind. The 30″ Friction Hinge Entry Door provides easy access, while the Aluminum Wheels and Radial Tires – Nitro Filled ensure a smooth ride. The Fiberglass Front Cap adds to the aerodynamics of the trailer, while the Molded Rain Gutters w/ 3” Drip Spouts keep water away. The Power Awning w/ LED Lights provides shade and protection from the elements, while the Power Stabilizer Jacks make setting up camp a breeze. The Keyed-A-Like Lock System adds an extra layer of security, and the Backup Camera Prep and Solar Power Prep make it easy to stay connected and monitor your trailer.

The kitchen area in the Crossroads VL3851FL travel trailer is perfect for cooking up a storm. The 10.7 Cu. Ft. 12-Volt Refrigerator provides ample storage for all your groceries, while the Solid Surface Counter Tops and XL 50/50 Stainless Sink make food preparation a breeze. The Range Hood w/ Light & Exhaust Fan ensures that your cooking area stays clean and smoke-free. The Super Booth Dinette (VBM) is a great place to enjoy your meals, and the Wall Mounted Systems Monitor Panel makes it easy to keep track of your trailer’s systems.

The Crossroads VL3851FL travel trailer comes with a range of standard features that make it a great choice for any traveler. The 3-Burner Range w/ Oven and Microwave make cooking a breeze, while the 6 Gallon Gas/Electric DSI Water Heater ensures that you always have hot water when you need it. The 13,500 BTU A/C keeps the interior cool on hot summer days, while the Fully Enclosed & Forced Air Heated Underbelly makes it easy to travel in any weather. The Electric Awning w/ LED Lights is perfect for relaxing outside, while the Power Vent in Bath ensures that your bathroom stays fresh and odor-free. With all these features and more, the Crossroads VL3851FL travel trailer is the perfect choice for any traveler looking for comfort and convenience on the road.

PRICE: Check for the latest price

LENGTH: 41 ft 11 in

GVWR: 15,027 lb.

DRY WEIGHT: 12,517 lb.


HEIGHT: 13 ft 6 in

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